May 1, 2010

Wedding Reflections. A Literal Interpretation.

Well, I'm pooped.  It's been quite a day.  I've just returned home from my all day photography lesson around The Rocks. 

It was a great day and I learned some new tricks.

There was so much to photograph.  The first series of photos I wanted to blog about happen to be wedding themed.  The Rocks is one of those places that forms the backbone of many a wedding album.  I hope you like my photos and can have a laugh at the accompanying text.  

It's an official sign of old age.  I no longer look at weddings and dream.  My day as 'the bride' has come and gone.  My dress is in storage.  The photos in their album.  The honeymoon a pleasant memory.  I haven't quite gotten to the stage of making off with the floral centrepieces after the reception though.

In many ways, life post wedding is richer and more real than that day we got dressed up and exchanged vows and rings.  Though our wedding day was important and symbolic, it was only one day.  The start of an incredible journey, in Masterchef speak.  Or was that The Biggest Loser? 

Whatever the case, there's a whole lot more to married life than that day that had to be 'perfect' in every way.  I'm glad I've left that pressure behind me.  I'm  more at ease with everyday life.  Making the most of the good times and learning from the not so good.

These days, weddings bring back fond memories.

Of families laughing and jostling to get into position for the photos.

Of how well behaved the junior members of the bridal party were on the day.

That vintage cars look beautiful but are a completely different ride than your own  humble (but comfortable) automatic sedan.

How good that drink of water was after getting dry mouthed with nerves as  you exchanged vows.

The posing and the smiling.  The irony of wedding gowns being designed the way they are for a day that involves so much movement and travelling.  Britney had it right with those Pimps and H*s trackies.

How the reception venue looked like an oasis in the dessert.  The hard work and formalities are officially over. 

There's just the small matters of speeches and the bridal waltz to contend with.

Here are some images for readers wishing to escape weddings for just a few moments. 

If you are in the midst of wedding planning panic, take some time out to embrace nature or admire an interesting building or two.


  1. I was a wedding photography assistant for a year.
    It was.. interesting.
    I had to do things like.. take all the black and white photos and fix up bridesmaids shoes etc.

    I like your reflection photos.

  2. Lovely post SSG and I completely agree. The wedding day is only the beginning.
    Fabulous photos too, I love the one with the kids walking past and the so pretty.

  3. I love your pictures. :) Yay! They look awesome. :)

  4. Thank you, ladies.

    Lanelle Elizabeth: that must have been interesting.

    SSG xxx

  5. Such a great post. A humorous and realistic take on all the pomp and circumstance of weddings... is it wrong that I still can't wait to have one??

  6. Like this wedding scene. your photos are very good!


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