May 27, 2010

With Heavy References To Fashion. A Sense Of Relief.

How are we all coping with the weather?

In my own way, I have decided to make peace with the rain, grey skies and darkness on waking and driving home from work.  With a red jumper from Kookai and my Red Phoenix Emporium Lady Melbourne necklace. I am not going to talk about the trousers because they come from Banana Republic and they are cruelly, not on Australian shores.  I am hopeful that the Presidential visit in June will help rectify this shameful state of affairs.  Perhaps that is Michelle's real purpose for visiting Sydney?  To promote a sharing of high street fashion between the countries?

Isn't this whole photo Good News?
  • There's a cup of tea which implies that I had time to kill before hitting the road, there's grapefruit and then there's the reading material.  
  • It's the Thurday paper which means that tomorrow is Friday.  As an added bonus, there is the glory of the(sydney)magazine.
  • We have a hopeful headline involving Mr Rudd and the miners.  Who will win?  Will this Super Tax disappear in the manner of the policies before it and leave the AUD in peace?
  • I'll tactfully not talk about State of Origin - that corner of the front page is obscured for a reason.  Just glad there were no serious injuries for either team.
  • Anna Wintour proves to be an inspired (and surprising) fashion inspiration for the week.  We are to seek inspiration from her patronage of suits.  There were no tips on how to achieve her hair, unofortunately.
  • The Chanel cocoon bags appear to be multi purpose, which is important for these cost and utility conscious times.  I'm actually liking this bag and this close to popping down to Castlereagh St, lying across the couch near the sunglasses and testing out the cushioning properties of the bag myself.  I also like how Chanel is keeping it real this season by demonstrating how simple it is to recreate the look at home.  A beanie and a singlet are all that you need.  But there is the small matter of what to do if you need to leave the house?  With the current forecast, this may be a redundant thought.  It's going to be wet and wild this weekend.  
  • I'll pose myself a challenge.  If the Super Tax gets Ruddered and the exchange rate picks up, I'll go to Chanel and buy the bag, recreate the advert - and blog about it.

There seemed no end to the amount of time I had this morning.  I put a curry in the slow cooker whilst reading the(sydney)magazine.

It proved to be very therapuetic.  I was waiting for my doctor's appointment and was working myself into a frenzy about it.  It was about the foot.  The one that got the Kitchenaid blade dropped on it.  The one that got 3 stitches in it.  The one whose big toe doesn't do what it's meant to do in yoga.  But thankfully, can get it together to fit inside the Decolletes.  Such is the power of Christian Louboutin - damaged big toes yield to his influence.  Will Rio Tinto and friends yield in a similar way to Messrs Rudd and Henry? 

It turned out to be a drama with a happy ending.  Saw my GP in Drummoyne.  Went to work in Bankstown.  Got my ultrasound in Fairfield Heights.  Because I'm such a Food Safari disciple, I couldn't leave Fairfield without visiting the dried fruit and spices store.  Witness my purchases - fresh honeycomb and those gorgeous massive sultanas.  Neither of which are readily available in the Northern Suburbs.

It was all good news with the ultrasound.  No tendons or nerves were severed.  Just some local irritation which I am hoping will settle with some yoga and swimming.  There was a point there where tendon repair was being mentioned casually.  I am not the kind of person who would cope very well with weeks of limited weight bearing after surgery.   I'd be unbearable.  Mr SSG would have had to fly my mother across from Perth to share the burden of having me as a patient.

A sense of relief is a great thing to have.  It is as comforting to the mind as a deep sigh is to the body.


  1. Good to hear about your foot :)
    Your food looks delicious too! :D x

  2. wonderful post in every sense!! Love the look of the curry

  3. Big toe, hope you'll get well soon. I'm not sure whether I want a KitchenAid anymore.

  4. Chanel....I can't wait!
    Glad to hear that you are on the and swimming are great in so many ways...relaxing and energizing at the same time...if that makes sense!!

  5. Really glad to know that your foot is healing well.

  6. Glad you didn't do any serious damage to your foot. Dropping blades on them would hurt like crazy. I'm always dropping cans of something on mine. Ouch.

    I also hope Banana Republic come to Australia. But I have all my fingers crossed for J Crew. I love love love their clothing and buy it from the States via mail forwarding. Michelle wears J Crew well as well. I think she's improved their sales but about 1000%.

  7. Good news about the ultrasound although when you mentioned it I thought it was a baby ultrasound hehe! :P I thought the top in the opening pic was an AH!


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