May 14, 2010

Yoga At Dawn. Incarcerated Ikebana and The 17th Biennale Of Sydney. Art Is Everywhere.

I'm a bit sad it's Friday this week.  It's my last official day of leave before returning to work on Monday.  I'd forgotten how nice it is to:
- have entire weekdays to yourself to do with as you please
- sit outside in the sun reading
- walking to the local shops for coffee and a read of the paper
- pottering around the house with the news channels playing in the background
- doing a little housework at a time rather than trying to fit it all in on the weekend
- be out in the neighbourhood later in the morning than usual or earlier in the afternoon, the streets have a different pulse at these time.

I have some adventures to share.

Okay, not entirely new but this morning, I went to an early morning led yoga practice.  A little different to regular classes in that the teacher talks through the poses only and there is no hands on adjustment of the pupils.  I was up at the crack of dawn when I would usually be running to make it for the 6.45am start.

I know, in this freezing weather.  What was I thinking?  I loved it.  The pace was a little faster than our usual classes and I managed to remember some of my regular weaknesses with each pose so I could self correct as we went.  There were only two of us in class today but we were at the same stage of practice so I didn't feel as if I were holding up progress.

Looking at oneself in the mirror at dawn provided an opportunity for me to roadtest my latest 'saw it in a magazine so I had to buy it beauty purchase'.  The new Garnier roll-on eye cream with built in concealer.  It retails for around $18.95 AUD but it was on special at Priceline yesterday, so I got it for around $14 from memory.  Yes, at 6 in the morning, those undereye circles were staring back at me loud and dark.  It is easy to blend in, looks fine without foundation, doesn't crease and survived yoga.  I am going to have it on hand at work along with my emergency lip colour collection.  I like that this product is portable and can be used without a full face of makeup.  I never have enough time to do anything to my face before work.

I took advantage of yesterday's lovely weather to explore some of the Biennale exhibits at the MCA and also at Walsh Bay.

It always pays to dress the part, especially for the art scene.  There is uniformity in the love of black, white and grey as well as layering.  However, the diverse creative spirits, life experience and personalities of the artistic community shine through in how they work these basic rules.  The well heeled favour Japanese deconstruction, the expensive accessories here and there as well as the immaculate hair (Bergdorf Blonde, immaculate black, deep brunette... it's all there).  The artists are more practical, their clothing may bear evidence of their preferred medium.  The students with their books, tattoos, piercings.

I went with a few layered basics and a statement necklace.  This is from Witchery.

The MCA exhibit is free and well worth a visit if you are in the area.  Unfortunately, photography was not allowed.  There is a photographic installation of people from around the world with their backs to the camera, interpsersed with shots of everyday life.  I saw part of Angela Ellsworth's exhibit on polygamous sects - the beaded hats of the sister wives.  There were models of cardboard and paint from Jake and Dinos Chapman which expressed confronting opinions on sexuality and the state of the world.

Outside, I found my incarcerated ikebana.  In a recurring theme in my understanding of modern art, I first thought that the plants were being rehabilitated.

The works are by a Chinese artist, Shen Shaomin.  They represent war and the manipulation of nature. Which, in hindsight, I get.

It was a short walk to the piers on Walsh Bay where a series of larger installations were being displayed.

The entrance.  This section of the festival features 3 artists and 11 works.

Fortunately, photography was allowed.

This white neon sign is by Newell Harry, a Sydney artist.  They are anagrams of the phrase 'The Natives Are Restless'. ' Nerv(e)less rats hesitate' and 'When veneral theists rest' are the messages to be found.

I remember reading in the paper about how some visitors to the exhibits were not quite sure where the art ended and so took photographs of the warehouse itself.  I can identify.  Just to be sure, I looked and snapped everywhere.

This is 'Ship Of Fools' by Paul McCarthy, from the USA.

It represents the banality and rampant consumerism of the modern world.  The obsession with misplaced entitlement and capitalism.  I am typing this as I read the programme notes.  I got all the right words in there but the order may be out of wack.  Sorry.

There is a child like quality to the characters of the ship and its weapons.

Together, the ship and its inhabitants are hurtling to self destruction and they are powerless to fight against this.

Sobring stuff.  Time to find more art where perhaps it was not intended.

The next exhibit I found was by Danika Dakic, from Sarajevo  but now working in Germany.

Isola Bella (The Beautiful Island) features a video installation in which the first inhabitants of the first mental insitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina tell their stories.

The backdrop is a 19th century wallpaper of an island paradise.

These are hand woven gift mats made from pandanus leaves and they bear cryptic messages that pertain to the modern world.  By Newell Harry.  The mats are tradtionally used as a form of currency in Vanuatu.

My favourite mat - it's pink, of course.

It's been bliss sitting out in the sun this morning, barefoot.

Time to wonder off and find lunch.


  1. Isn't the sun gorgeous today??? We just got home from a couple of hours at the park and it was just divine :)

  2. i can't wait to see the installations esp at walsh bay. apparently there's a giant jumping castle at cockatoo island & they offer free ferries everyday. sounds like a good excuse to finally go there :)

  3. 25kgs for 5 days? 5kgs of outfits per day? Wowsers. I have been known to overpack like that. But I have decided to take it a little easier this time around. I don't fly for a month and half though :P

    I like your photos and visiting things today. I am going to see the Biennale soooooon because we're doing an intense study of it at Uni and I am doing a photography assignment that uses it as inspiration. Fabulous.

    That Garnier rollerball thing also looks interesting. I may have to purchase it for myself! I was waiting for someone to do a review of it too.

    Also, snaps for the grey cardigan. I am all for grey cardigans as opposed to black cardigans!

    Also SSG, what kind of Doctor person are you?


  4. Lanelle Elizabeth: I suck at packing light.

    There is much to inspire at Biennale.

    I'm a hospital based doctor.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    SSG xxx

  5. I love the MCA. First went there for Yayoi Kusuma's wacky exhibition and has been hooked since. Thanks for the detailed report - will head out to Walsh Bay before the festival ends. Ok, perhaps after this Jess Watson thing dies down.

    Have a great weekend SSG!

  6. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  7. What a gorgeous day! I love the 'well-heeled arty' look as well.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  8. LOVE the Biennale. When we went last year my youngest daughter (then about 18 months) rearranged some of the shoes in an exhibit. Soooo embarrassing trying to explain that one! x

  9. Loved the necklace the first time I read this post. Still do!


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