Jun 21, 2010

1945, Prymont. Terry Returns. Irons.

I apologize to those who have been missing my Terry Durack updates (in which I try to direct my culinary life along the lines of Terry's weekly restaurant review in the SMH Good Living liftout).  It is nothing personal, there has been no ideological drift.  We are not like KRudd and The Miners or the NSW Labor Party and the Federal Labor Party or even The Socceroos and red cards.  We are still like peanut butter, honey, sultanas and wholemeal toast (what I ate for dinner after yoga tonight - sorry Terry, it wasn't very sexy but gee it tasted good).  Or even leopard print Louboutins and red goat skin handbags.

Terry has eaten at many fabulous places in recent weeks and finally, I have managed to eat at one of them rather than live vicariously through his reviews.  Last night, Mr SSG and I parted company with our ugg boots and grey track pants and went out for dinner to 1945 - a Dutch East Indies restaurant in Pyrmont.  The food is faithful to what was cooked in Indonesia under Dutch Colonial Rule.  August 17, 1945 was the day Indonesia declared its independence from The Netherlands.

Terry loved it and I owe much of this post to his very detailed review.  It's exotic, historic and quite unique for Sydney.  I loved it for all these reasons and also because Mr SSG found a great parking spot outside the front door of the restaurant.  Enabling me to do my Louboutin Locomotion to the front door.  This involves walking barefoot for as far as possible before holding onto a wall or handy parking meter and wearing your heels for the last metre to your destination.

This is in fact the menu and not the front door.

Both were very easy to open whilst wearing my heels.

We ordered Terry's 'the one dish you must try' - The Grand Rijsttafel.  Rijsttafel is Dutch for rice table and basically the dish is rice served with many small dishes.  A total of 17 small dishes.  

The restaurant started to fill up pretty early and a Dutch grandmother was at the next table.  She enjoyed it immensely and was able to help with the pronunciation of some of the menu items.

I liked the soft yellow walls.   The waitresses had beautiful batik uniforms of a soft pink.

Tea lights at the table added a soft glow to our meal.

The dishes all arrived on a pandan leaf topped platter.  At the centre were two kinds of rice - nasi koening (turmeric and chicken stock flavoured) and nasi oedoek (flavoured with coconut and lemon grass).  In the photo above are the chicken drumsticks flavoured with ketchup manis, beef satay and eggplant.

I would have to be sitting in the line of sight of the irons.  Which is what I was doing that afternoon.

There was a raw salad, spiced potatoes, prawn crackers and corn fritters.  The prawn crackers are those solid and hearty ones that have a real crunch to them.  While  I also love the pale pink lighter kind, these are the real deal.  It's the difference between Cadbury and Haigh's and Lindt and Max Brenner.  You need them all for different situations.  In much the same way one needs 16 pairs of jeans.  There are jeans, chocolate and prawn crackers for every occasion.

It was almost as if we'd been invited to someone's place for dinner - I love the fireplace and the Indonesian artefacts.

Grilled king prawns and tempura squid.

We were watched over by Indonesian statues in the walls.  I wonder what they were trying to tell us?

I am devastated that my food photos that were in focus did not capture the potato cake or the 'wet' ikan bilis.  The ikan bilis didn't have the spice or saltiness I usually associate with it but it went well with the rice.  I was having issues with my preset modes on my DSLR ie I forgot to check what I was using - it is almost always set to 'food' mode but this night it wasn't.

This is a blurry photo of the potato cake.

And one of the ikan bilis - which has dried fish and nuts and tempeh in it.

The serves were deceptively small in size but very filling.

The tamarind soup with a little corn cob in it as well as cabbage and green breans.

There was a dessert chalkboard in the main dining room.  If I had a chalkboard at home, I would almost certainly only write about desserts on it.

This is a portrait of Raden Ayu Kartini, a women's rights campaigner.  I wonder what she was thinking about the irons and my trotting around barefoot holding high heels.

For dessert, we had es tjendol.  Ice, brown sugar, coconut milk, green floury snakes.  This is one of my favourite desserts.  I make a point of eating the Malaysian version daily whenever I am back in South East Asia.

My J Brand skinnies arrived in the post today and they are Excellent.  Especially the care instructions which I have photographed for us all to ponder and perhaps carry into our daily lives.  None.  Don't do it.  As if I need any further excuse to populate my wardrobe with more J.

Good night all.  The soccer has started on the television which is a sure sign it is my bed time.  I am hearing the word Ronaldo mentioned alot.  Perhaps I should investigate?  A dose of good hair on the field and Italian suited bodies on the bench would be a pleasant night cap....


  1. i want those loubies and that bag ahhhh

    and i only own one pair of jeans and they're j brand! good choice x

  2. I love the Loubies and the LV goodness. A girl after my own heart. I also want to try 1945. I love Balinese food so I am sure I would adore Indonesian food too.

  3. We really enjoyed our meal here in May. Such lovely service and food!

  4. Such a great post SSG - love the way you write... And now I am really hungry reading all about your evening out and seeing the photographs - mmmmmm ! You make me laugh with your Loubie Locomotion!! x

  5. What is the fuss with Ronaldo? All the girls on my Twitter stream are going gaga over him and his body. I've never paid attention.

    I wore my (our) fauxpard jacklet the whole time I was in Sydney. With my fave combo of black silk top (with merino jumper under), wool pencil skirt and red heels on Monday, with black merino jumper and jeans on Monday night, and with dark blue ruffle skirt, pleated Cue top and dark purple merino cardi on Tuesday. It's a confirmed wardrobe staple. Pic of Monday night's outft on my FB.


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