Jun 26, 2010

50 Things.

Written in response to the 50th blog this challenge.

You may not get the impression from reading this blog that I'm a fearful person (tangential perhaps but I've kept the written expressions of anxiety to a minimum) but I regularly deal in the realm of 'worst possible scenario'.  Sadly, there isn't a negative implication or adverse reaction that I haven't thought about with practically every aspect of my life.  It's not as if I wait around for these things to happen, but I just like to know the worst possible outcome - and mentally prepare myself for it.

The blog this challenge was a list of 50 things, any things.  This is my list of '50 Things I've Wasted Time Fearing and Never Did Happen Anyway'.

I hope you enjoy reading this list.  Regular readers will know how far from the truth some of these fears actually are.

  1. That I'd never adjust to life in Sydney after moving here from the oasis of self containment that is Perth.  See rest of blog for evidence to the contrary.
  2. That wearing a school uniform 12 years would render me incapable of buying clothes for the rest of my life.  I still have a soft spot for bottle green cardigans and black hair ribbons.....
  3. That I'd never get into SATC in time for the release of the first movie.  So I bought the boxed set of every season and watched religiously for the month after passing The Exam That Changed My Life.
  4. That I'd never be able to do some of the crazy stuff at yoga I now feel quite comfortable doing.  Like sitting in the lotus position and even lying down in it.
  5. That I'd never be able to reverse park.  It's not pretty, but I get there.
  6. That I'd never be able to read a road map and hence drive in Sydney.  My work has made me explore the curious structure of the roads and suburbs here and I kind of understand how road maps work now.  Even without the iPhone blue dot or GPS.
  7. That I'd never be able to pay down my mortgage to a less scary number with less zeroes in it.
  8. That I'd never be able to walk in Christian Louboutin shoes. 
  9. That I'd never be able to cook a serviceable main meal and live on Lean Cuisines for the rest of my life.  Thank you, Donna Hay.
  10. That I'd never be able to write a research paper.
  11. That I'd never be able to make the switch from PC to Mac.  I've never looked back.
  12. That I'd never be able to see the resemblance of a young child to their parents the way older people always seem to.  I think it's because I am now old.
  13. That I'd never get used to wearing my engagement ring and wedding bands.  I'd never worn rings regularly before getting engaged.
  14. That the French I tried to speak in Paris would be completely misunderstood.
  15. That life after 30 would be boring.
  16. That I'd never be able to find a pair of skinny jeans that fit.  All hail, J Brand.
  17. That I would religiously read gossip and fashion magazines and nothing else for the rest of my life.
  18. That I'd never be able to use a DSLR and take it to all the crazy and mundane places I've taken mine so far.
  19. That I'd never have the privelege of visiting NYC twice in my life.
  20. That I'd never know what an Oreo or Krispy Kreme donut tasted like.  They are both now in Australia in a big way.
  21. That I'd never appreciate current affairs or news radio and take the time to try to understand a little of what the world is about.
  22. That I wouldn't keep going with my blog.
  23. That no-one would read my blog.  Thank you followers and everyone who has dropped by and commented or just dropped by.
  24. I was convinced that I'd break a major bone the first time I skiied.  I didn't even break a minor one.
  25. That I would pass out when I got my ears pierced ... at the age of 20.
  26. That I'd never know who I was meant to spend the rest of my life with if it were anyone at all.
  27. That I'd fall off the first bicycle I'd ridden in 20 years.
  28. That I'd forget the security code to my front door.
  29. That I would never wake up from those 'so vivid it could have been real life' dreams.
  30. That I'd never love another TV series as much as I loved Press Gang.  A link for those who have obviously moved on.
  31. That the yachts my friends and I sailed around the Whitsundays in 12 years ago would capsize.  They didn't and it was one of the most character building holidays I have ever been on in my life.
  32. That I'd studied for 6 years for a degree for a career that I would hate and find myself unemployable in any other industry without radical retraining.  My working life has been so much more rewarding and challenging than my student life.  
  33. That I would fall off the roof when I climbed it to balance on an awning to get to the open window of the second storey of my old house when I had locked myself out.  I was pretty foolhardy to attempt it in the first place.
  34. That I'd cause a past Premier to pass out when I tried to put a drip in his hand and failed the first time.  That there was a second time was testatment to his fine character.
  35. That I'd never pick myself up and dust myself off after a major life failure or disappointment.
  36. That Chris Noth would not be able to shake of his SATC character and move on to another brilliant role in The Good Wife. 
  37. Ditto Julianna Marguiles but with ER and The Good Wife.
  38. That I would ever find as much escape in fiction as I did in high school.  To ease the tedium of exam study, I developed an addiction to the works of Virginia Andrews and Jean M Auel.  Flowers In the Attic or Clan of the Cave Bear, anyone?  None of their books should ever have been made into B-grade films.  The plots and characters live in the minds of 16 year old girls far more vividly than on film.
  39. That the boys at university would be the only boys I'd ever meet (I went to a single sex high school and I was invisible to the boys at the school over the fence).  Isn't this on everyone's list of 'irrational but very real at the time' fears?
  40. That the Year 12 ball would be the only time I'd ever be able to Dress Up for the Rest Of My Life.  And that Dressing Up would forever involve velvet, netting and big hair.
  41. That I'd never be able to sell anything on Ebay.
  42. That it matters deeply when I don't do all the things that people 'expect' of me.  Or is that I expect it all of myself on their behalf?
  43. Ditto doing everything I 'need' to do 'now'.
  44. That I'd never like seafood - raw or cooked.
  45. That there are never any good books at second hand bookstores. 
  46. That I'd never survive night shifts - specifically shift 4 of 5.
  47. That I'd go to prison after my first car accident.  Accidents in shopping centre carparks are the worst when you're on P plates.  The other driver is invariably more experienced in dealing with car insurance claims, attributing every area of damage on their vehicle to your negligence and generally scaring the heck out of you.
  48. That I'd never find neurology interesting or that it would find my memory a great place to be.  A work in progress.
  49. That I'd feel really old when I hear the Top 40 pop songs of my youth remixed and covered in my lifetime.  It has happened but it doesn't make me feel old, just relieved that this time around, I am not moved to repeat the fashion mistakes that accompanied the songs the first time they were released.
  50. That I'd drink diet coke daily for the rest of my life and have no teeth or calcium in my bones by the time I was 45.  It's amazing how a root canal can improve one's dental hygiene.  

Life is too short to live in fear.  I'm letting all of these go.


  1. SSG that is one large and detailed list....it must have taken you many hours to compile it.
    I am impressed...it would take me months to do a list of this calibre.
    Well done and happy that you are letting all of these go.

  2. I loved this list - so detailed and well written :)
    Some are really funny too. I am glad you're letting go.

  3. Awesome list, I don't even know where to begin.
    Wel done, love it!

  4. A well written list with lots of thought. I'm glad to hear you're letting all of your fears go.

  5. Thanks everyone for reading my list and your kind comments.

    Take care,
    SSG xxx

  6. At the start of the blog I couldn't think of 50 things I feared, but I nodded with so many of them! Thank you for sharing SSG

  7. Great job. And what courage you have.


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