Jun 11, 2010

Age and Ageing On A Wintery Friday Night In Sydney.

One of the ironies of our enlightened times is the obsession with 'defying age'.  As a society, we've begun to accept and celebrate differences in religion, culture, sexuality and life experience but we all remain united in our fear of 'ageing'.

Older people are forever telling me how awful it is 'being old'.  We refuse to let our cultural icons 'appear older' too.  It seems to be a sign of success to look younger as you get further past thirty.

Why?  We value aged wines, leather, paintings, jewels and buildings - why not people?  Who are an even more complex creation than all the others.

I don't really know the answer to that.  As much as I love popular culture and engage with it, I am equally glad that I am able to engage my mind in pursuits that exercise my mind and value age and experience.

It's Friday, it's time to lighten up.  Let's just let me write about whatever comes to my mind based on photos I took tonight and hope that it all somehow comes together in an entertaining manner.

I got home today and started reading this month's Australian InStyle.  Cindy Crawford featured in a beauty editorial.  I was transported to back to my uni days where Cindy's perfect face would stare at me from the covers of various magazines and Revlon adverts.  Time has been kind to us both - it must have been the preserving properties of all that ColorStay makeup and regular watching use of Cindy's exercise video.

I think Cindy is officially off contract with Revlon because she had a lot of beauty hints involving lots of other (more pricy) brands.  There was a tip about never wearing one foundation at a time (one needs to blend at least 2 shades for the most natural result).  There was no need to preach to the converted.  

There then followed a list of other sensible beauty secrets which I loosely interpreted to involve keeping  up your fluid intake, having lots of energy and eating well.  It never hurts to hear the same good advice again.

I have discovered that sparkling mineral water tastes remarkably like champagne and is also a more economical and work appropriate beverage.  In lieu of sleep and less stress, caffeine is a useful source of energy.  Eating well?  Eat good chocolate.

In more memory lane media, I found the Julia Roberts for Lancome mascara ad in the same magazine.  I first  saw the ad on the way to yoga.  For some reason, the ads that stay in my mind are the ones on bus shelters that I pass on the way to or during exercise.  I am obviously focussed in my pursuit of fitness.  Once again, Julia has not aged a day since the last time I saw her, which was in the Oceans movies.  My favourite film franchise.  

Friday evenings are also a good time to engage in some wholesome right wing news.  I love Fox News, it allows some people to show their age.  It began with Glenn Beck and his chalkboard and continues with O'Reilly and his 'breaking it down' of the big issues.  As an aside, and because we have been talking makeup, may I say how much I love the makeup on American news stations?  There is also generally Good Hair and a Sense Of Occasion in the wearing of evening wear to deliver news of serious issues.  

Then Mr SSG got home and had a crazy idea.  To go get KFC for dinner. 

Our local KFC is in a golden triangle that also features a Subway and Domino's Pizza.  The drive through lanes for each are clearly sign posted.  However, Mr SSG forgot his glasses so was unable to read a drive thru menu.  As designated driver, I was exempt from making menu choices.  There was no choice but to park and order at the counter.

Which took about 10 minutes because I had to read all the menu choices.  It was complex.  There was no  option to order a single item and we had to figure out which cut of chicken we wanted (on the bone (leg or breast), nuggets, popcorn or strips) and the sides as well as the original versus hot and spicy ratio.

One of the good things about looking your age is that you can walk into your local KFC in suburban Sydney wearing whatever you feel like  because you are not there to impress or get chatted up.  You are just there for food.  The last time I walked into a fast food outlet wearing my pyjamas was when I was 7.  Tonight, I accessorized with explorer socks and crocs at my feet.  At the other end, I went with specs, bad hair and my Country Road black super long scarf with matching knitted tea cosy hat.  

And the sales staff are super polite and give you your choice of drink bottle sizes, sauce packets and wet towels - despite paying in small change because the Colonel does not endorse American Express.  That was Mr SSG in his suit that did that (the freebies and the small change). 

Homeward bound with our fried feast.  In our younger years, this would have been done in the early hours of the morning after the night before. But now?  It's the start of a Friday night in.  Some tut-tutting about the smallness of a large serve of chips these days and the leftovers tidily put away for lunch and dinner tomorrow.  How can we be in the middle of an obesity epidemic when the serves of chips at fast food outlets have shrunk with time?

Have a lovely weekend wherever you may be.  If you're here in any of the Australian states besides WA - have a great LONG weekend and don't forget to be up at 0430 on Monday to watch our Socceroos.  Or perhaps a little earlier to learn the rules of the game, if you happen to be me.


  1. I sometimes crave KFC. I love the saltiness of it.
    You in your jamas - hehehe
    I had McDonalds hotcakes today. The poor sales guy got told off by the 'restaurant' manager for telling an old guy to be patient and wait for his hot apple pie which would take seven minutes to cook (by cook, I saw deep fry).

  2. I couldn't agree more: aging. And the more I read magazines and go shopping and browse websites, the more I obsess about it. It's bad :(

    And that KFC feast is huuuge!! I usually just get a snack pack at most out of guilt :(( haha

    Sorry I've been a bit scarce with comments - darn study! xx

  3. love it that you had kfc for dinner! x

  4. Oh I do love this SSG - having an impromptu Friday night feast of KFC!! Ha Ha!!
    And you are right about ageing but I don't feel any better about it -wish I did but there you are - I expect I would if I was a wine....! Have a great weekend.....x

  5. Julia has such lovely skin...she is very girl next door-ish.
    In Style is a fun magazine to curl up with...so many fashion finds.
    I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  6. have a nice weekend SSG, you have the Socceroos ( is that Australian Rules football?? that is really hardcore, makes footie look like a games for small girls) while here we have England v US tomorrow in the world cup football. it's going to be an energetic few weeks! Bx

  7. I live in the countryside, but only 35 kms from the capital city. In a hurry to the store, pharmacies, bank, etc. in our village, I will grab only my coat and purse and I´m off. To another matter. Have you really looked at Julia Robert´s upper lip? There is something odd about it..

  8. Carly: Maccas hotcakes. Say no more.

    She Wore It Well: best of luck with study! There was way too much food, Always the case when Mr SSG orders food.

    FF: it was fun in and old married couple kind of way.

    Lorraine: thank you, you too!

    Semi Expat: have a lovely weekend too.

    Hostess: yes, Julia has amazing skin. She really is one of the timeless ladies in Hollywood at the moment.

    Blighty: loved post re sports day. Very astute. Socceroos play what we call soccer which is different to AFL which is our local football. The big difference appears to be that the former have better clothes (European), hair (European), houses (massive) and cars (numerous) than the latter on account of most of the team playing in the soccer leagues through Europe and then meeting to play for Australia every so often.

    metscan: good point about the upper lip!

    SSG xxx


  9. Om nom nom nom. My mother and I are rather partial to KFC when we go out but we are unable to eat a whole meal to ourselves, so we usually split a "value meal" which offer you pieces of chicken, chips, potato, popcorn chicken etc :)

    We're so lucky to have reasonably priced KFC in Aussieland. Japan's KFC is a rip off! x

  10. Ooh - I wish Aussie news readers wore evening wear to read the news!

  11. Ha ha, yes! Mr L and I just went to the supermarket in classy track pants and ugg boots combos. Joke is on you, young people!


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