Jun 13, 2010

Applying Thrift At SSG Manor On A Sunday. With A Minor Online Deviation.

Another Sunday, another wholesome breakfast.

In the spirit of thrift, I shopped the fridge and freezer for breakfast.  To most people, these would be the makings of a great hangover meal.  (Un)fortunately, the only thing I'm hung over from was work yesterday.  I'm done with crazy Saturdays for a month or so!  

And came up with a KFC popcorn chicken sandwich on white toast.  Could it be the American via Australia version of the British fish finger sandwich?  You know it's breakfast because I had an orange afterward and a cup of tea on the side.  The hours are ticking down, people.  Not long now until our first game in the World Cup.

Speaking of thrift, I found some opaques at Coles.  2 pairs for $5.  They get full points for softness and for being a true solid black without shimmer.  Opaque enough without that licorish leg effect.  Will have to road test them to test their longevity.

I love public holiday Sundays.  They give me a chance to get out in the evening and stay out to obscene times like 9.30pm.  Tonight I'm planning to visit Vivid, Fire Water and the Macquarie visions.  Lots of light and sound in the Rocks area.  All free, more thrift in practice.

One of the bittersweet aspects of working extra after hours shifts is that you feel entitled to spend some of your hard earned the day after the event (I was too tired at 11.43pm last night to do it any earlier).  In my younger years, I made the rookie errors of spending the whole 3 month overtime roster before I'd worked it as well as forgetting to deduct tax against what I earned.

I'm only a little better at it now.  Here we are browsing online as a result of googling 'J Brand skinny jeans online'.  Thank you for the brand suggestion, B and T.  This is the Revolve site and I like it because it offers fit advice and user reviews.  Many people include their height and body shape which is a useful reference.

I don't know about you, but what downside is there to online shopping?  Free shipping, extensive range in every size, length and brand.  The exchange rate, possibly.  Those lovely American and British sites now list in Australian dollars.  In the end, I clicked and bought.  So much less hassle than battling through DJs or (even more threateningly) the uber-glam boutiques staffed by well meaning but intimidating girls who moonlight as models.  

To round out the thrift experience, I had a cup of instant coffee and some defrosted chocolate cake.  I also found the 'flicker torches' for Vivid that Mr SSG got on his way home from work a few weeks ago. You press the grey switch to produce light.  It also makes a rather loud grating clicky noise.  Which is fine if you're outside but perhaps not if you were the taxi driver who picked up Mr SSG armed with two clicking torches after work drinks the other night.


  1. I am a dinosaur when it comes to online shopping....feel the need to touch and try on...I have an odd bod!
    Good at the thrift thing though...lots of practice!

  2. When I was a young llama of say 14-15, my friends and I would get a KFC burger and bring in our own carton of sour cream to add to it.

    Sigh. Those were the days....

    I introduced all my friends to ASOS. Oops.

  3. Love online shopping too SSG and much better value usually than buying in Oz even with the postage and packing added! Enjoy your long weekend! x

  4. How do you get beyond the customs charges when ordering overseas? I've always worried about that and how it seems to make it the same price as buying here!

  5. I promised in my blog that I won´t shop online anymore. Returning stuff is difficult for me, so I want to buy clothes in the traditional way. For now.

  6. hostess: unfortunately, I am adept at both online and brick & mortar shopping.

    Lanelle Elizabeth: oh for the younger llama years. Good on you for shopping ASOS. Too many choices for me.

    Semi Expat: thank you and glad you agree :-)

    christine: we get taxed on a random basis. Keeping orders small tends to help.

    metscan: a noble promise. I think I might have to join you, after this purchase.

    SSG xxx

  7. Blighty: your secret is safe with me. So safe it is invisble here.

    SSG xxx


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