Jun 28, 2010

Boon Chocolates, Darlinghurst.

The much anticipated conclusion to Saturday night's dinner at Spice I Am.

Our intrepid band of foodies decamped in search of hot chocolate.  Once again, W had the answer - Boon the chocolate experience, which was just down Victoria Street in what I think must be the foodie centre of the suburb.

Boon is owned by Fanny Chan, a microbiologist and chemist.  She studied chocolate under Patrick Mertens in Europe (who works for the Callebaut chocolate company).  We met one of the other owners on the night we were there and he was lovely - a Perth boy himself too!

The whole store is a beautiful boutique devoted to chocolate.  The tiny ground floor is divided in half by a long glass paneled display cabinet of all the unique single chocolates for sale.  Plus that handbag.

And the other half is an open area displaying pre-packed chocolates.

To the right is a staircase that leads to the cafe area.  There are gaps in the stair case, allowing you to always be able to see the chocolate wherever you may be in the store.

We reached the top of the stairs and entered a cozy lounge area.  Softly lit and wallpapered with a beautiful grey printed print and some vivid artworks were on display too.

There were comfortable couches and little stools.  Yes, the owners were able to create a space for the 5 of us.  Phew.

With stomachs full of that wonderful Thai meal, it was time to find our second stomachs.

I ordered a Connoisseur chocolate set featuring a dark hot chocolate, a mousse and a praline.

Which was every bit as delicious as it looked.  The hot chocolate is basically molten chocolate with just the right amount of richness and wasn't overly sweet.  There was also no bitterness.  It was perfect.

I told you I was in the company of foodies with apetites.  We also shared some other items from the menu.

The Boon Specialty Cake.  A must try.

The Racion De Churros.  

Not only is there melted chocolate in the dipping 'salsa' -  but also an exotic spice blend of cinnamon, cardamon, chilli and vanilla.

It was the perfect food over which to laugh, debrief, laugh some more and get the gossip.

On our way to paying the bill, I explored the displays downstairs a little.

The things that can be made from chocolate!

Chocolate balls.

Champagne truffles.

Combining the two of my favourite foods in the world.

More chocolate gifts.  I really have to get serious about my hot chocolates this winter and get some of those chocolate blocks on sticks to use for my drinks at home.

70% dark chocolate truffles.

My brother left for Perth last night and his visit was too short.  Nevertheless, it was lovely to see him and have him stay with us.  We laughed and chatted properly for the first time in months.  I did have a tear in my eye when he left.  I do this every time one of my brothers leaves our house in Sydney.  We are all so busy with our adult lives at the moment but the bond we have from our shared childhood will always keep the three of us together in spirit if not body.  

When we are together, we will always have new dining adventures to share as well as revisiting some of our favourite childhood foods.  This time, the return to childhood was represented by a Coles rotisserie chicken which we ate in sandwiches with soft white bread and mixed salad leaves.  Just like we did back in Perth almost 20 years ago.

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  1. This looks amazing :)
    I love the chocolate sculptures, esp the cake and the bottle.
    The cafe I go to, Fraus, has the thick custardy chocolate too.
    And how lovely you got to spend time with your family. Family is so important - we need to cherish the good times.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Need these chocs NOW!!! The quality looks impressive x

  3. Those hot-chocolates-on-a-stick are quite nice... though when The Boy and I tried them, we got impatient and ended up eating the melted knob straight from the stick :p

    Have you been to Kakawa, on William St? It's my personal favourite chocolate-maker in this area.


  4. Oh my this place is evil!! I would not survive surrounded by all that chocolate.

  5. The chocolate looks amazing. I am a super connoisseur of all thing cacao related.

    But the actual question remains - how much was that fabulous chocolate handbag??

  6. Oh, my LORD! This place looks fabulous! A choc handbag? That's like marrying my two fave things. Perfect.

  7. Er... YUMMO! It makes me long for winter...

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  8. Oh my - reading that right now has just done my head in! So much beautiful chocolate I don't think I will be able to sleep tonite!!

  9. Friday Rewinders, Jodie, Allison and Annie - thank you for stopping by.

    I'm looking forward to winter too.

    SSG xxx


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