Jun 8, 2010

Brownies and Blondies - the Baking World's Team Jolie and Team Aniston.

I'm a brownie lover from way back.  My most favourite kind are the cream cheese kind where a white cream cheese batter is swirled into a chocolate batter.  I also like the brownies of my childhood, bought from Claremont Fresh - with frosting on top and walnuts within.  Yes, when it gets really cold and dark outside, all I seem to talk about is chocolate and its restorative properties.

I haven't said a word about white chocolate though.  Purists would argue that white chocolate is not really chocolate because it does not contain chocolate liquor (thank you, Joy Of Baking).  Which would make it teetotaller chocolate.

Whatever the true identity of white chocolate is, one thing is for certain - they make a delicious brownie, aka the blondie (another one of those fabulous Joy Of Baking recipes).  Or Team Aniston in the baking world.

The key ingredients that make the blondie are not vodka (I heard somewhere that vodka is the ultimate rinse to keep blonde hair blonde) and peroxide but white chocolate and roasted pecans.

The batter is based on melted butter and brown sugar - so it has that beautiful caramel taste and colour.  Jennifer Aniston would kill for those highlights...

The blondies keep well too.  If you can stop yourself from eating them all in one sitting.

Some of my other favourite winter foods.  It is the height of injustice that winter foods are more addictive and carb rich than their summer counterparts.  

Sardines in tomato sauce eaten with toast, rocket and cheddar cheese. Sardine sandwiches always make me think of the Famous Five and their adventures, under the cover of darkness, involving lighthouses and bicycles.

I like to think this photo is telling us all that eating buttered white toast whilst reading glossy magazines featuring Alexa are the way all winter's evenings should be spent.  The purchase of the white bread was an epic event.  I was at the local service station getting petrol and rather than make another trip to the supermarket to buy milk and bread, decided to just buy it when I paid at the counter.  What I didn't count on was having to wait 10 minutes behind two schoolboys who were refuelling after rugby practice with - 2 sausage rolls, 2 chicken noodle cup a soups, 2 donuts and 2 1.25L bottles of coke. Having selected their 'afternoon tea' there was the small problem of who was paying for what and how much it all actually cost.

Can photos in magazines be envious of food?  In the world of iPads, who knows?  The iPhone4 was announced today and I think it is driving to me rethink my stance on the iPad.  Is apple embracing retro too?  But referencing the 90s instead of the 80s as is the case with fashion?

Buttered white toast.  Enough said. To carry on with the Enid Blyton theme - this always reminds me of the Mallory Towers and St Clair's books.  Possibly because, as a 7 year old, I often ate large amounts of De Campos's white toast with butter as I read them.

Fast forward to 2010 and I am thirtysomething and have replaced my addiction to Enid Blyton with dedication to electronic media.  Some things change, but the joy that they bring is still the same.


  1. Blondies are almost as amazing as Brownies. I think you should try the brownie cheesecake arrangement from the latest Donna Hay and let us know what they are like.

    Oh, I miss reading Enid Blyton too. I loved the Twins and Darrell from Mallory Towers. Meet you after the lights go out for a midnight feast from our tuck boxes!

  2. Since I moved to Sydney, white bread is kind of on the menu. Scary and delicious. x

  3. What is the popularity of whole-wheat and rye in your part of the world? Personally, I only eat the mentioned in the form of bread, rice and pasta. Well, I do like a cookie or a piece of cake every now and then, but the campaigning of the `healthier´products has reached us quite well.

  4. Those Blondies look delish... I think I might have to make some of those soon!

  5. Kitty: brownie cheesecake + donna hay = must try. Thanks for heads up.

    Lanelle: it does feel very sinful eating as much white toast as I have...

    metscan: Yes, we are mostly law abiding here in Australia. The whole grain breads are very popular and most of us eat them most of the time. I have to admit that honey and peanut butter taste far better on wholegrain breads.

    Claire Marie: it's a great recipe, really easy!

    SSG xxx

  6. I must admit, I had never heard of the 'blondie'! See, you learn something everyday!

  7. Love the blondie! Something I am going to secretly bake and store in a airtight jar just for myself, hee! My kids have nuts allergies, so it is all going to be MINE!


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