Jun 14, 2010

Food, Fire Water and A Fancified Opera House.

Long weekend Sundays are the best.

After the mental and physical rigours of yoga in the morning, the mid morning is to do with as you please.  In my case, I caught up with Whitney Port as she hosted a retrospective of The City Season 1 on MTV.  One of my favourite episodes involved the girls going to a Manolo Blahnik event at which Mr Blahnik himself signed shoe soles.  The only other time I've seen this is when basketball players sign trainers designed in their honour.

Because there is no need to be sensible and have an early night for the Monday morning at work the next day, one can live on the edge and go out to the big city for the evening.  In my case, I was rugging up for Vivid and Fire Water.  This black puffer jacket brings back great memories.  It's a Searle jacket that I bought when we were in NYC last year.  It is filled with duck down and very warm.  The collar is high and puffy and reminds me of Queen Bees.  The fingerless gloves provided warmth while still allowine me to  operate my  iPhone and Nikon.  The thermos was for my camomile tea.  There is much to be said for bringing hot caffeine free beverages on night expeditions.  

Vivid is a winter festival for the City Of Sydney.  It's a relatively young tradition for the city, we are up to the second Vivid.  The centre piece events are the lighting of the sails (The Opera  House) and a water based narrative involving the tall ships.  

This is the Circular Quay ferry terminal lit for the occasion.

The Opera House lighting changes every few minutes and the projected images are dynamic.  This year the Vivid LIVE curator, Laurie Anderson designed the scenes.

In addition to the month long light displays, there was a special long weekend (Queen's Birthday - Happy Birthday, Liz and thanks for the day off) presentation, Fire Water.  The story was told through the eyes of a young Indian girl and is based on the voyage of the tall ship, 'Sydney Cove'  which sailed from Calcutta to Sydney.

Unfortunately, I wasn't tall enough to get a good look at the action so very few photos.  

One of the common themes at the Vivid festival presentations at Campbell Cove is the lighting of the tall ships that sail into the Harbour as part of the show.  In keeping with the Indian theme of this year's concert, there was also a Bollywood finale, which I missed.

Because I was in search of food.  I took my stomach to the Rocks Night Markets.  First stop was the corn cob stand.

There were numerous log fires and smoking coals to keep the crowds warm.

The giant woks being fired up.  

There was a lolly store featuring vanilla flavoured licorish.  Is this bottle blond licorish, I wonder? 

A portable wood fired oven for pizzas on the go.

Stuffed savoury pancakes.

Dutch sweet pancakes.

One of the local restaurants, Pony was serving up burgers and other hot snacks.

Gozeleme being made the traditional way.

The cold air was filled with the delicious scent of food frying.  

Which was just the ticket for the hungry crowds.  So much to do, so little time.  My next stop was Macquarie Street.


  1. Fabulous! I love a night out in the city, cold or not!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  2. Ooh your pics have brought back many fabulous memories of the time I spent living in Sydney. so miss the wonderful colours looking across the harbour at night. x


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