Jun 29, 2010

Goodbyes. Red. Cold. Red and Cold.

It's been a series of goodbyes recently.  Steve Baker of St Kilda has said goodbye to the next 9 weeks of the AFL season, Mr Rudd and his family have said goodbye to The Lodge and here at SSG Manor, it was time to farewell some items from my vast collection of cosmetics.  I think I said the least painful goodbye.  I only know the first 2 pieces of news because I've been listening to ABC news radio in the car as I defrost on the way to work.  Mr SSG 'fixed' the car radio recently and it's the car equivalent of watching one of the news channels on foxtel.  Good work, Mr SSG!

That red lipstick that promised moisture and lustre (but dried up after a few weeks) and a near empty tube of face mask.  It is such a rare event that I discard anything makeup related - the lipstick especially deserved to be placed on a cushion.

Things were getting desperate with regard to the face mask.  Thankfully, austerity measures came to the rescue.  The tube was cut and several faces worth of mask were found in what appeared to be an empty tube.

For every goodbye there is a hello.

And today I said hello to a box from Strawberrynet.

Which cheered me up no end.  But such is the power of Strawberrynet that a simple purchase intended to replace 2 items multiplies to 4.  In my defence, the pixi lip booster was free.

My friend B described my previous red lipstick purchase as a false economy and I now agree.  I have gone High End and bought a Rouge Coco lipstick in shade #19 - Gabrielle.  I also have a new red lip pencil.

With a slick of Gabrielle on my lips, I wonder if I'll be able to soldier on through the winter with a little spring in my step if not the formidable style of Gabrielle Coco Chanel.  Does a long black scarf draped around my neck count or the wearing of long black boots count?

In Australia at the moment, no discussion of the word 'red' would be complete without reference to our new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.  The rumours are running hot that we will go to the polls early August.  Just in time for my birthday which will make it a Leonine Election.  I hope in vain that there will be fashion, flair and excitement aplenty in the next 6 weeks.

In the US at the moment, no discussion of the words 'red' (echoes of the Communist past - am I allowed to write that, Senator Conroy?) and 'cold' would be complete without reference to the current Russian spy ring story that is breaking news at the moment.  For many of us, this is the first time in our lifetime that 'spies' and 'The Cold War' are real world events and  not the subject of popular entertainment or our history books.  From the news I have heard so far, the events that have unfolded could have come straight from the pages of a spy novel or script.  Life imitating art imitating life.

On a more cheerful note, life in the land of Terry is carrying on at quite a pace.  Today, Terry reviewed Luke Benchmark in Sylvania Heights (tel: 9544 6233).  Bless him, he paraphrased one of my favourite films, 'Ocean's 12' to describe the restaurant's star dish - a dozen oysters (6 hotties and 6 coldies, referring to the way they are prepared).   The oysters sound as attractive as the 12 of the George Clooney film.  Ahh, George...  I am this close to buying a Nespresso because of you.

Which is a rather lovely way to end this post.  And hasn't it been a strange one?  I guess it's what you get on a day that started with a box from Strawberrynet, continued with a drive accompanied  by a soundtrack of news radio and finished with a few educational docos on SBS.  I've been learning about the life of David Ogilvy the last 'Mad Man' of advertising and the origins of human speech and now we have something about braving the extreme cold.  If there are any themes in this post, I think they can be found in amongst all that programming.

By the way, thank you for following!  We are at 79 as of today and this fills me with joy.

Good night and stay warm!  I'm going to hibernate for the rest of tonight.


  1. So it was 9 degrees today! 9!!
    Congrats on your 79 followers.
    And I just discovered ABC news radio too - I feel like I've been missing out.
    Happy hibernating. I am watching Packed to the Rafters.

  2. I love seeing that pretty purple ribbon when I go to the post office to pick up my parcels. And then unwrapping the little silver presents is even more exciting.

    Thanks for reminding me I need to place another order :)


  3. I imagine Mr Clooney could indeed sell ice to eskimos... or even Melbournians during this particularly icy week!

    P.S. How do you put SSG onto your photos? I have tried to tag my photos like this, but when I then upload them, it is all out of focus or too small to read?

  4. Emma: I use ImageWell on my Mac. It is a pretty cheap programme that does basic photo editing. The text was created in a template I use on my photos.

    Hope this helps.

    SSG xxx


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