Jun 7, 2010

High Tea, The Victoria Room, Darlinghurst.

The venue, The Victoria Room.  The occasion, a girly gossip over high tea with D.  The dress code - chic.  D has the most amazing personal style and enviable wardrobe as well as being one of the nicest girls I have ever met.

Was it possible to scale the heights of chic on a rainy Sunday?  I gave it my best shot and threw myself head first into my wardrobe to find out.  I resurfaced, several hours later, still breathing, with no broken limbs and a dress to go with my faux leopard jacket.  It was a simple black shift from Saba that got plenty of wear in Paris / Dubai 2008.

Can pearls and leopard print be worn together?  Is one allowed to wear creatures of the sea (RPE Lady Melbourne necklace worn as choker with pearl stud earring) together with creatures of the Sahara (Target faux leopard jacket) yet still have all of their own teeth?  It was Alexa, she made me do it, with her breaking of rules and antithesis of the 'it-girl' personal mission statement.

This seeming irrelevant self portrait of my shoes (the Ron Rons with perfectly matched red topy soles from Ebay) and hoisery serves two important purposes this evening.

Blighty, a dear friend of this blog recently wrote about her Tights Of Death, aka TODs.  Well, this one's for you, Blighty.  I was inspired by your finesse with textured tights so I  whipped out the only interesting and unladdered tights in my possession.  No, they are not a patch on yours, I'm afraid.  Fishnet does not photograph well, especially when you're taking a photo of yourself in them (I mean this in the most non titillating sense of the term).  Should have modelled them on a stuffed toy as opposed to normal human legs.

Speaking of normal human legs, I think I need to face facts.  Women of a certain age should not kid themselves about their abilities in heels for 'special occasions' if they spend 99% of their waking hours in flats.  Especially if you're going out in Darlinghurst where street numbers don't make sense and the blue dot on iPhone maps makes you walk past where you need to be around 8 times without seeing it.

I finally found the Victoria Room.  It's inconspicous awning above and tasteful brass plaques above the door below.

The inconspicuous facade not giving any clues about the glamorous world behind those doors.

A candlelit staircase leads you up to the dining room.  Softly lit, with candles, pot plants and old world furnishings that transported me from the streets of wet inner city Sydney 2010 downstairs into candlelit Victoriana up above.  Patrons were dressed up, they were dressed down - it was very ecclectic and no one was out of place.  Staff were friendly and attentive.

D arrived and we started debriefing and gossiping.  Pausing briefly to order drinks - non alcoholic today.  And of course, to take photos of our surroundings.  We're both recent converts to the world of DSLR and had plenty of patience for each other as shots were taken and reviewed and reshot.

This is my Shirley Temple - made with house ginger ale.  D ordered a Valentino, featuring fresh grapefruit pieces.

Chandeliers draped in chiffon mingled with bamboo at the ceiling.  It would be behaviour most unbecoming to not talk shopping and clothes in an enivironment such as this.

Our sandwiches - chicken/wild herb, cucumber/creme fraiche/dill, smoked salmon/rocket/lemon/capers and watercress/celery/walnuts/goats curd.

Scones were plain and date.  Which were accompanied by chantilly cream and organic strawberry jam.

My new Chanel sunnies.  I bought them 6 months ago from Ebay in those long gone glorious days that were the 90 cent plus AUD exchange rate to the USD.  They are here on their first official outing.  It is hard not to feel very Nicole Richie in that period of her life post Paris (the Hilton) at the time of her dramatic metamorphosis at the hands of Rachel Zoe, Balenciaga handbags and vintage.

My personal favourite part of high tea - the desserts.  They were seriously heavnely.  Too often the cakes are bit stale and the pastry a bit heavy but these were all perfect!

My favourite was the red velvet cupcake, then the baked lemon cheesecake.  The other 2 desserts were a strawberry shortbread tart and a dark chocolate cup with raspberry.

 Life carried on around us at an unhurried pace.

But we had to leave.  Revived and restored, we made our way home.

Pausing at the tea cabinet and very strategically places ballet flats.  I was tempted to buy a pair then and there....  My right knee is still feeling the strain of walking purposefully in heels.  It survived a swim yesterday evening and tonight I am going to stretch it back into shape at  yoga.

The official Victoria Room recipe book is available to purchase.

A close up of the teas.

I just love this lady's beret.


  1. There's nothing like having high tea in a fancy place.

  2. Love your leopard jacket, fab, and pearls, Alexa was right, am so chuffed to be mentioned in your blog, but your tights are far too slinky and tasteful, wait and see what I have in store for next TOD episode! How lovely to go out for tea, so decadent, everyone should do tea more in the world, I feel, there would be far less fighting etc, hard to fight when you have just had a lovely cupcake..Bx

  3. What a lovely day!
    You look fabulous.
    I will hot-foot it to Target tomorrow to look at that jacket.

  4. Great beret pickup.
    Wonderful wonderful time! =)


  5. Great fun!
    Chic clothing, a great friend and High Tea...is there a better way to spend a rainy afternoon?

  6. The leopard print jacket is gorgeous. I love it over the black dress. I'd wear it exactly the same way. I have a cute cardigan in the same print and I wear it over a LBD.
    Love the high tea. I was actually looking at the same place the other day (as I was given a red balloon voucher and they have it as one of their experiences), and thought I'd go there. However, Mr MG wanted to go somewhere less "Girlie"! So I chose another restaurant and now that I've seen those tiny cakes...
    I am going to have to go there anyway. The Diet will suffer but who cares.

  7. Adore the gorgeous leopard jacket - it goes so well with the dress and the pearls and the shoes. I like the Victoria Rooms too, but the Loft is absolutely the best for a wonderful summertime afternoon tea. They serve cocktails in teapots - how ingenious!

  8. christine: totally agree!

    Blighty: eagerly going across to your blog to find out about TODs the Sequel. Will rock in a way SATC2 does not, I reckon.

    Carly: await photos! It could be one of those blog challenges.

    hostess: thank you!

    Metropolis_Girl: there were men present too! Try selling the 'it's also a supper club' line to Mr MG. Good luck.

    Kitty: I have heard about the Loft. Must go there next.

    SSG xxx


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