Jun 10, 2010

Rugging Up, Recovering and Looking To The Long Weekend After Saturday.

It's fun rugging up in the morning... provided it's for something fun like going out into the snow and that you're not setting off to work, without snow.

Actually, I remember being in New York where people were rugged up and going to work in the snow - fun was not the first word on their minds, as I recall.  It was a situation where wellington boots were a necessity, rather than the novelty that they are in Australia.

Back home to Sydney.  The once crisp mornings were invigorating and easily tolerated, the now ice cold winds that greet you when you open the front door are piercing and it is so tempting to just stay home - with a touch of the man flu.  Hope I'm not the only person in Sydney who drove to work this morning in a heated car wearing a beret, coat and scarf...

The human species has survived the bird flu and the swine flu but will we survive this season's flu?  I like to think of it as the evil love child of the bird and the swine varieties.  Not much of a cough, a few sneezes but it's unbelievable how disproportionately tired and drained sufferers feel.  It's a real pain being 'sort of sick' - not bad enough to stay home from work but feeling wretched trying to get through the day at work.

Well, after a day of feeling sorry for myself - I am happy to report that I am on the mend.  Good old panadol, Chinese takeaway (the default option when Mr SSG is in charge of 'making dinner') and a few extra hours of sleep.

Just in time for the long weekend.  There's so much to do:

  • Working again.  I am looking on the bright side and thinking 'better to be working a long weekend Saturday than a long weekend Monday'.  
  • Going to the Rocks on Sunday for the light show and boats.
  • Having a nap afterward and attempting to wake up at 0400 Monday to watch the Socceroos in my supporter gear.
Meanwhile, back in real time and I am hardcore into eating my way back to health.

There is an obscene amount of edible iron in this photo.  From the silver beet to the beef curry in the slow cooker.  I made a stir fry with the silver beet and a can of anchovies (for those omega 3 fatty acids).  So much easier (and less politically damaging) cooking with iron than trying to mine it tax it in Australia these days.  

It looks fun but tonight's Glee episode was pretty heavy going in parts.  Not just for me. There was an iPad ad in every break and I think Mr SSG is getting worn down by the relentless advertising.


  1. Get well soon. You will need it for the World Cup and some sleepless nights to come ... Go Socceroos!

  2. Great post! I absolutely loved the Glee version of Bad Romance :)


  3. Sorry to hear you have been unwell. Glad you are resting up ready for the long weekend.
    Melbourne was FREEZING today.
    I missed Glee as I chose to watch Vicar of Dibly in the ads of MasterChef and then I forgot about Glee.

  4. In my opinion the thought of coats, boots and scarves is fun, but actually wearing it keep warm is another thing all together! I hate winter :(


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