Jun 6, 2010

Sunday Breakfast With Alexa.

There are some Sundays when conventional brunch foods just don't cut it for breakfast.

That's where last night's pizza (thanks for saving me some, Mr SSG) comes in handy.  Though perfectly acceptable eaten straight from the fridge, in these cooler months, a few minutes on the grill is good.  For authenticity, serve in original cardboard box.

Alexa and I were having words over breakfast.  She loved my breakfast (a cuppa and pizza is so un-fashionista it could possibly be the Next Big Thing).  She encouraged me to take risks with whatever it was I chose to wear today and to do it with conviction.  Amen to that, Alexa.

After breakfast, I started a baking project.  Baking is chicken soup for the sweet toothed soul.

I took advantage of the brief show of sun this morning to get my unsalted butter and cream cheese to room temperature for this cream cheese pound cake recipe from Joy of Baking.  With Masterchef endorsed butter, could the result be anything less than perfect? 


Perfection does not come without discipline.  It took at least half an hour to cream the butter with the cream cheese.

And then the addition of the dry ingredients wasn't exactly quick either.

A bit of zing with lemon zest and yes, to the right of the photo is 3 full cups of sugar for one cake.

It was rewarding seeing the texture of the butter and cream cheese change with as the recipe progressed.  It became so airy and cloud like by time we got to the cake pan.  I just had to take a photo of the batter.  So if nothing else, even if the baking went awry, I would always have memories of the perfect batter that was the cake that didn't quite make it.

The thing about cakes this large is that they take ages to bake.  Which gave me plenty of time at attend to pressing Manor matters.

Like replacing my empty bottle of Kelly Caleche - with one twice the size as well as a handy baby size for travel purposes.

Then I went down the road for a coffee and to say hello to Coles, who took great pains to tell me how much there was to be saved on a trolley of items.  Sadly, the rotisserie chickens next door were not part of the deal.

It was my national duty to pick up a second Sunday paper, the Sunday Telegraph so that I could get the Sunday Telegraph Socceroos scarf.

And join in the countdown until our State Government implodes.  If it doesn't self destruct on its own before the next election in 293 days.

Fortunately, the cake did not implode.  It bears a striking resemblance to the model cake on the Joy Of Baking website.  They could have been separated at birth.


  1. OMG this cake!! Wow.
    I decorated a cake today. Cake decorating is not my forte but before I started, I thought it would be. There probably WON'T be a blog about this experience.

  2. PS: I thought you ACTUALLY had breakfast with Alexa - that she was there in person.
    Holding off on STYD because I will save it for my next Sydney trip. Have not yet read Instyle from last Sydney trip.

  3. Whoa... how delicious does your cake look SSG? WONDERFUL... and so love our Alexa Chung - she is a fun gal...x

  4. I love cold pizza for breakfast... it's my favorite!

    Your cake looks divine!

  5. I used to wear Hermes Caleche, when I wore perfume. Are they related:)?

  6. That cake looks awesome. Very impressed with your effort. I am also a fan of leftover pizza for breakfast but we don't eat a lot of pizza in this house so it rarely happens. Also impressed that Alexa turned up to eat breakfast with her. How very thoughtful and fashion forward!

  7. All you needed was a crisp Chardonnay and you would have all the food groups covered (it's 5 pm somewhere in the world)

  8. Yum cake looks delicious, you are so busy and productive! i don't know Kelly Caleche, will check it out on next trippette to Selfridges, and love the idea of having big size and tiny size for handbag, so sophisticated, the closest I have got to this is having bumper economy pack of handwipes at home and small handywipes in bag (for small boy emergency swab downs) Bx

  9. So I read this headline and thought of you.

    Spending on clothing, electronics and gambling set to rise as Australians spend an average of $40 to support the Socceroos / Robert Cianflone Source: Getty Images


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