Jun 17, 2010

Sympathy For the Shoe Devil. Sick Day.

My assault on the winter sales this year began with resolve and discipline.  Mr McInnes made good on his word to offer superior prices on shoes and clothing at David Jones this year which is why it was so hard to walk away from these leopard print peep toe Louboutins and an impossibly comfortable pair of black YSL heels.

My areas of unmet need this year were separates for work and replacement comfort footwear.

Approved shoe purchases involved replacing foot wear that was on its last legs.  Clothing purchases were permitted if they fit the criteria of sturdiness, ease of co-ordination for pulling on to get to work and warmth.

Veronika Maine can always be counted upon for practical clothing.  I often find it hard shopping for clothes at department stores because everything seems to trend driven but this year, I managed to find a few things from Veronika Maine, Saba and Sportscraft.

This is me in my skirt from Veronika Maine.

A bit of a pattern for interest, sensible length and you've got a skirt you can pull on in the morning with a sweater and opaque tights to get to work without too much thought.  The tights are those $5 for a pair of pairs ones that I bought at the supermarket the other day.  Holding up pretty well for the cost.

Isn't depth of field a wonder?  The photos were taken Tuesday night when the drinkies from Public Holiday Monday had to be finished or else the bubbles would have died in vain.  The glass is on the floor to the left of my foot but thanks to a shallow depth of field, it is barely visible.  Just thought that might add interest to an otherwise ordinary photo.  This blog is full of random insights.  I think it's because I tend to babble when I reveal the less than noble and responsible things that go on in my life.

To continue with the original shoe story Things went awry when I got home.  I just could not get those fancy feet out of my head.  The shoe angel and shoe demon were sitting on each of my shoulders.  The angel was quietly supportive of my not buying the shoes.  The demon was encouraging me to 'just take a look online' to see if 'I could get my size at a better price because really those shoes did for my feet what Demi Moore's photoshopper could, only in a more dynamic and practical manner (devil speak for you can walk around with skinnier legs rather than just have photo shopped photos of them)'.

I started browsing NAP whilst Mr SSG was watching the AFL and the rest, as they say, is impulse shopping history.  In my defence, I ordered the right sizes and they are definitely shoes I don't already own....

Fast forward to today and I am at home, sick.

With a head cold that threatens to break ribs with the amount of sneezing that has already occurred.

The irony of that coverline (not being an NRL follower, most of the front page meant little to me).  On the day Nicole Richie officially opens the Mid City shopping centre in the city - happy days, Forever New in the CBD!!  Oh, and the arrival of my NAP box.  Have I told you, DHL, how much I love you?

Becauase the photo above features a non alcoholic beverage being consumed on a weekday, we are allowed to show it in full focus.

In amongst all the shopping hysteria, I was maintaining a regular intake of fluids and Vitamin C with home made lemon, lime and bitters.  Lemonade is the ultimate sick day beverage.  The drinks were being rather elegantly muddled with a pink plastic chopstick. We maintain a sophisticated bar at SSG Manor.

Rest was obtained whilst watching the news and then SATC1 in a supine position.  Few men are as relaxed as Big in the face of designer heels.

Mr SSG being one of them, so lets open the shoes before he gets home....  Somehow, I don't think he will be one of the men beside  himself with joy that Mr Porter will be online and ready to retail from January 2011.  It's NAP for men and it will be interesting to see how it fares and the range of fashion they will stock.  I think the e-tail experience will be a plus for many men and there will be some of the 'safe' brands such as Ralph Lauren available.  I say 'safe' because there is a large percentage of men that are non-plussed with the 'fashion' side of clothing.  It may work out to be a relatively painless way for Mr SSG and I to 'shop' for his clothes.

Miss Kitty-Cat, in her definitive recent Shoe Kitty post revealed a legendary collection of leopard print Louboutins.

I continue the tradition here with the Dorepi 100 pumps.  With black patent heel and a gold chain detail.  Is it wrong to want to stroke a pair of heels?

These are the YSL Gaby pumps in black patent.  For the Louboutin-ites, these are a relative of the Bianca 140s but seem to suit my feet better.  They are wider, have less toe cleavage and have a more solid platform - for the 14cm heel naive amongst us.

I'm heading back to bed  now.  ABC news radio awaits.  It's Question Time in Parliament and I hang on the words of Mr Speaker and his superior parenting crowd control skills.  I can't be sure, but did I hear the paid parental leave bill being passed today?


  1. *drools over the YSL patent pumps*


  2. I too went shoe shopping recently. I needed new gum boot so chose a very fetching black with white polka dot combination. I thought this would stop them being nicked by tractor driving Irish backpackers (the fate of my last two classic black pairs). Having read your post I am now deep in Regretsville. I should have bought the leopard print pair.

    Your new shoes are super gorgeous - really hope they are making your recovery that little bit more rapid. Get well soon.

    A farmer's wife.

  3. Love the new shoes. Both of them!!!

  4. hope you feel better soon darling

    fab shoes, and yes the paid leave got passed! x

  5. Very nice shoes SSG!
    Your skirt is cute too...get well soon.

  6. Oh my, the skirt looks wonderful on you. You are s o skinny! Both pairs of shoes look great for you. How on earth was NAP so snappy in your part of the world? Hope you are feeling better by now!

  7. Oooh so the shoe devil won !! However, they are wonderful and will make you happy, happy, happy! x

  8. Those Leopard print Louboutins can only be described as "AMAZING". I'd be putting them on display on my console table! Seriously a work of art. I love the little chains at the back. They are gorgeous.

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling sick. I know so many people here in Sydney at the moment with the flu. My sister is that ill she's had to shut shop for a week. And she never stops working. So flu season is definitely here.

    Had to laugh at your pic of the SMH with the headline "How to cure a chronic shopaholic". I didn't see the article so looked it up online. OMG I could relate and that was a tad scary. Funny thing is that two weeks ago I ordered the book (mentioned in the article) from Amazon in the US. Maybe i thought it would "cure" me as I'm cutting back. (There I said it). So when I read the article it was a bit close to home.

    But now that I've seen your leopard print shoes....

    I'm hopeless. The book is arriving Monday and it can't come soon enough.

  9. Hello!

    Thank you all for the well wishes and mutual appreciation of the shoes. We all need a little cheering up with winter and the world in its current state.

    SSG xxx

  10. No it's never wrong to want to stroke a pair of heels. It's downright normal if they're gorgeous!


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