Jun 19, 2010

The Vogue and Mecca Cosmetica Beauty Icons Box Promotion - the SSG Analysis.

As promised, the round up on Vogue / Mecca Cosmetica's Beauty Icons Box.  The Beauty Icons catalogue is 'a celebration of the products that changed the face of beauty'.  There were icons of many sorts - cult classics, Mecca staff favourites, the Vogue Australia Editor-In-Chief's picks as well as selections form directors at Barneys, Fred Segal and Liberty of London.  It was marketing genius and the catalogue was a good read in that it brought back memories of my younger make up obsessed days.

I have shown great restraint in recent years - the realities of full time work and the the size of my existing make up collection being the 2 major reasons.

My most recent regular purchases have been mail orders for my mum and aunty in Perth.  They swear by the Revive Moisturizing Renewal face cream and the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Kit.  My mum and aunty come from a generation who would never spend that kind of money on themselves for skin care. Ordering for them makes me happy to be able to give them a little something just for themselves.

The promotion at Mecca involves booking in for a make up session for a fee of $90 which is redeemable against purchases on the day.  The Beauty Icons box comes as part of the deal.  I took along my flagged and circled copy of the catalogue to keep myself on the straight and narrow.

As I had previously suspected, my personal beauty icons (Alexa Chung and Victoria Beckham) were not included in miniature size when I opened my box.

The makeup session itself was actually incredibly helpful.  Mine lasted for a full hour and we went through black liquid eyeliner for Asians with double eyelids.  This is a PhD topic in itself - the answer for me was not readily available on the YouTube videos I watched to research the matter.  YouTube is actually a fantastic place for make up application tips.  Lauren Luke, Michelle PhanTiffanyD and xteeener are some of my picks.

I was delirious with joy when my makeup artist announced that the shape of my lower eyelids granted me some immunity from the visible signs of ageing.  She said this several times.  I thought of several items I needed to buy today several times as well.  It was rather strange how that all worked out.

There were plenty of generously sized beauty icons with which to transform myself.

In case anyone was curious about the contents I thought I'd create a list of what was inside the box, the size of each sample, the price of the full sized product at Mecca Cosmetica and some footnotes.  I hope these are of help.  The promotion ends Monday June 28 2010 or unless stock runs out earlier.
  • 5 MD Skincare alpha beta daily face peels.  The individually packed versions which are probably more practical than the full sized plastic tubs of pads.  30 applications are $130 (!!)*.
  • Stila's kitten eyeshadow - full sized pan, $38 for the pan.
  • 30g To Save Face SPF 30+ face cream by Mecca Cosmetica - 100g retails for $45.
  • Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream - 1.6 oz.  4 oz retails for $39.
  • Nars Laugna bronzer mini - the full size retails for $72.
  • Nude Skincare Age Defence Intense Moisture 5ml - 40ml retails for $168.
  • Perricone Cold Plasma face cream 0.25 fl oz - 1 oz retails for $295 (!!!!).**
  • Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray 2 fl oz - 8 fl oz retails for $50.
  • Malin and Goetz lip moisturizer 10g - 8.5g retails for $20 - BONUS.  I think the maths worked in our favour...
  • By Terry Eclat de Rose tinted moisturizer in 3 Beige, 2ml.  40ml retails for $129 (!!)***.
* = my nose is stinging a little, I rubbed my problem areas with vigour.  Perhaps the pain is a sign that perfection and refined skin texture are days away.
** = does anyone else think Halloween or the Blood Bank with that name?  And we're in Australia where Halloween isn't widely observed.  Billed as the Super Cream by Vogue Australia's Editor-In-Chief, I guess if Cold Plasma were ever to go trick or treating it could go as Superman.  I wonder if Anna W concurs.
***= By Terry is famed for its products based on roses.  Buying this tinted moisturizer may be more cost effective than blitzing a bouquet of roses in your food processor each day for the DIY version.

The Nars Laguna bronzer sample.  It is packaged in a compact and comes with its own bag.

I bought NARS' Goddess shadow pencil because it appears to be a more flattering option than the white eyeliner in your lower lashline technique much lauded by makeup artists all over the place in the early noughties.  The idea was that was the white was meant to 'awaken' your eyes.  Every time I've tried it with white eyeliner, I look as if I have Oreo filling lodged in your eye.  Not the best use for Oreo filling.  Or was it haemorrhoid cream that was meant to give you a rested look?  The world before Botox was a very confusing and potentially dangerous one indeed.

Also in the photo are the new Stila liquid eyeliner which is a true black that doesn't smudge, the Stila Smudge Stick (gel liner in a pencil) also in black and my un-manicured thumb.  I will report back on the eyeliners after I road test them in the real world.


  1. Next time you are in Mecca, try the NARS Velvet matte lip pencils. They are the shizz. I have Cruella and Damned (which is a colour la Zoe swears by). I can't pick between that, the NARS loose powder and Sin blush for my favourite NARS product.

    I have just started using the Trish McEvoy Beta Hydroxy Pads and I really rate them over using an exfoliator. Great skin texture and I only use them once a week. They are a lot cheaper, though, at about $50USD for 40...

    I really rate the Mecca To Save Face suncream. I wear it every day and it's the only suncream that I don't break out with. It's great!

  2. Thank you for the great recs, Kitty!

    SSG xxx

  3. I'm a NARS fan through and through. I got the little freebies with Vogue, I sooo don't need another 90 dollars of make up :S

    I'm staying strong x

  4. oooo product envy!

    Two blogs in one day, you busy little SSG you.xo

  5. oh wait a minute... is it indeed the same day that I read your current affairs post? It has been such a long, long, long crazy day, I can't recall! ha!

  6. Will be interested to hear how you rate these last 3 products SSG - loved this post about your samples from Mecca... I love Kitten eyeshadow by Stila as does my daughter - a classic. x

  7. Ok, so I have no interest in makeup. However, this post made me wish I could wear it. Simply for the value. Awesome bargain!


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