Jun 5, 2010

Sydney after the rain.

An entry for the blog this photographic challenge, 'water'.

Sydney's a different place after the rain.  The air smells fresher, the greyish blue light seems to subdue the high energy sky line, soften the sharp angles of buildings and also make that glorious bridge look more majestic than usual.

The rain also makes everyone slow down a little.  Enough to pause and take some time to really look at their surroundings.  A beautiful reflected image, some rose petals scattered in a puddle.

Yes, the rain is painful to drive in.  It plays havoc with your washing.  It can mess up your schedule of outdoor tasks.  But it beautifies, rejuvenates and sounds great pattering on the roof when you finally do get home.


  1. What a fantastic photo! Loving the reflection.

  2. A wonderful photograph SSG - hope you have a sunny day tomorrow! x

  3. Thank you both, Rhi and Semi Expat.

    SSG xxx

  4. Yes, I'm loving this big picture and the reflection is gorgeous!!! You should go for the big size more often!

  5. I love this photo too. The reflection is amazing. What are the pink things though? I was thinking dead galahs, but then I thought that you don't seem the type to take photos of dead birds...

  6. Wow, great shot! Until I read that it was a puddle I thought it was the sea!


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