Jun 2, 2010

Wednesday Weariness.

Sometimes, the working week can be so utterly draining that you find yourself looking and feeling decidedly ruffled at 6pm Wednesday night in the change room at yoga.  I was not a success in class tonight - I wasn't bendy enough and my shoulders were not yielding to my body weight.

The RPE worry beads have been well thumbed this week yet have not lost any of their lustre.  The dress is a surprisingly great find from Target May 2010 but looks decidedly 80s with the rolled collar and fancy knit work at the bodice.   Paulina Porizkova - I thought of your work for Estee Lauder in the late 80s when I saw my hair this evening.  Things haven't been quite the same since your black and white ad campaigns made way for Liz Hurley and Gwyneth Paltrow.  However, Julia Roberts stars in a new campaign for Lancome.  So there is hope yet for the major make up houses.

Yes, SATC2 is the big Chris Noth news in Australia at the moment.  However, in weary Wednesday form, we have here a scene from this week's ep of The Good Wife which I was watching last night (after Terrible Tuesday that followed Mad Monday).  In one corner we have Carrie and Mr Big in wedded tedium 2 years after their wedding and in the other - the Florricks dealing with their new life with wry wit and necessary caution.  Things are getting very interesting for Alicia.  With a husband on home detention and unresolved sexual tension with her boss at the law firm, I hope she doesn't crack and continues to have enviable make up and hair.

I also caught up with Kerry last night.  He was having words with Mr Swan.  Who is less prone to excitability and embarrassing political gaffes than either leader of the major parties.  Which meant that the interview was measured and served its purpose of getting across Mr Swan's agenda and nothing else.

Terry went to Neutral Bay to experience the Italian renaissance happening in Sydney's food scene this week.  He had pizza and exciting pasta dishes.

This week, not a single Donna Hay publication has seen the light of day in our kitchen.  I extended my culinary skills and got out my poach pods and had poached eggs for dinner.

With Swiss bread, pictured and salad greens, back in the fridge in their crisper.  Is this a step backwards from the takeaway sushi I had last night?  We also had some marmite and decided that vegemite needs to return to our pantry ASAP.

I have decided to stage an intervention upon myself tomorrow night.  I'm planning to head into the city after work and hit the sales.  I'm trying to convince Mr SSG to hang around after work and meet me there so we can have dinner out somewhere.  The old Sydney Shop Girl In The City scenario.

My working week doesn't end till 11pm on Saturday.  I need all the help I can get to make it until then.

Hang in there, readers.  May we all have a better day tomorrow.


  1. I like your beads and the dress on you :) Hope you´ll make it to Saturday!

  2. Well you don't look ruffled SSG - love the necklace and the sweater (dress?) on you.... Can't wait to see SATC2 - girls night out with my girl soon I think. Today is Thursday so - nearer the weekend now - hope your day going better!! x

  3. I'm still loving The Good Wife. I love legal dramas! I've heard really bad things about the SATC 2 movie. Still I'm going to see it :P

  4. Necklace looks really good on you!


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