Jul 25, 2010

Assiette Of Continental French Onion Soup Mix. Julia and Tony Move Forward, Fair Dinkum.

Wherever you are in Australia today, I hope you've done your national duty and prepared yourself for an intense Sunday evening in front of your television.

I worked against the clock to be ready for the sofa by 1830. The Leaders Debate then the Masterchef final.  Will anyone be on the streets out and about tonight?

The travel itinerary is complete.  In two parts - one for the travel, which city we will be in that night and timed shinkansen rides.  The other for 'activities and sights', referenced to our guide books and timed shinkansen rides.

Mr SSG is in awe.  The notes column did not once make a reference to a shop I 'have' to visit and there isn't even an extra 'shopping' column to explain the anomaly.

Mr SSG saved a little of his dinner for me so I had leftover pizza for breakfast this morning with a dusting of chilli flakes.  It's never too early for bit of spice on a Sunday.  That's the front of Sunday paper, The Sun-Herald.  The lead story is Masterchef's Adam and Callum.  Tony and Julia get a little strip at the top of the page.

With Masterchef being foremost on the nation's collective consciousness, there was a whole lot of food in my day today as well.  I also thought about journeys, progress, change and life changing events.  Which also put me in good stead for the Leaders Debate.

The slowcooker was pressed into service rather early in the day.  

Familiar ingredients and appliances but on a day like today, could I look within and come up with something different for the SSG Manor invention test - is there a third way to use Continental French Onion Soup mix with protein besides Apricot Chicken, Lamb Casserole With Carrots and Cauliflower?

I thought long and hard as I gazed at my reflection off the top of my packet of defrosted lamb chops.

And thought some more as I pondered the modest marbling of the chops.  Could I step up to the plate?

I came up with slow cooked lamb chops with tomato puree, garlic and french onion soup mix.  This was served with mash and par boiled greens.  Mr SSG (capably channeling the collective essence of George, Gary and Matt - we're all on  a first name basis here at SSG Manor) gave it full marks and a shopping credit in Tokyo.

The Leaders Debate came.

And went.  Julia Gillard won the debate.  There were 7 'moving forwards' from Julia Gillard and 5 'fair dinkums' from Tony Abbott.  For some reason, all I could think of when I saw the worm were Allen's Snakes Alive.

7.30 pm arrived and all eyes were on Channel 10.

Including mine.  I'll be back tomorrow.  Hope you're all having a good evening and resisted the temptation to 'skull' every time someone got a taste test correct at the beginning.... it is a school night, after all.


  1. Hi Sweety:)
    I can be totally misunderstanding...but is there election time in Australia????

    Or did this have to do with the Tv show?????
    Wonderful photos!
    Have a very nice day - SP

  2. Hi SP
    Yes, it is election time here - August 21 is the official date.

    SSG xxx


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