Jul 2, 2010

Capital Grill, Sydney CBD. Existential Moments. Reflecting On APEC 2007.

For lunch on Thursday, Mr SSG and I went to Capital Grill.  My link is to Terry Durack's review from March this year.  As I recall, Terry was having an existential moment as he dined.  I have many of these moments at work rather than when eating out but then again perhaps as Terry eats out for work, he is entitled to episodes of existentialism at the dining table.

Aren't we all glad it's Friday?  It's a sentence well worth repeating on a weekly basis.

Capital Grill is on the ground floor of 1 Macquarie Place and is not to be mistaken for the McDonalds around the corner (though Maccas does have the benefit of free wifi).  There are two levels to the restaurant proper as well as an outdoor bar. Drinks, tapas, coffee, lunch and dinner - it's a place that's up for anything its sedately suited patrons feel like.

I'm glad I went for the brown and black leopard print because it matched the furnishings.  There was a beautiful crown of thorns light feature that I didn't get to photograph plus some interesting paintings.

In these low carb loving days, a half slice of sourdough is sensible.  There was a honey flavour to the bread which I've never tasted in other breads.  The butter had sea salt sprinkled on the top.

I had the minute steak with potato puree and mushrooms.  Red meat is very restorative when energy levels are low.

Mr SSG had the Wagyu beef burger with Gruyere cheese and rocket.  This was both restorative and comforting.

I love brussel sprouts and these were delicious. Tender baby brussels with chorizo.

You can't have hand cut potato chips without a saucer of tomato sauce.

In summary, it was a delicious meal that left me in a state of contentment and too placid to ponder the meaning of life and the world at large.

We took advantage of the sun and its radiant heat by going for a walk and avoiding the wind tunnels and long shadows of the office blocks.

This is the swimming pool at Mr SSG's gym.  It's very tranquil and conducive to pondering the meaning of life and your role in it.  I don't think doing laps here could every be a chore.

These are the poolside lounge chairs.

And this is the view from the poolside windows.  I could stand at those windows for hours and ponder.

The gym is at The Intercontinental.  There is also the standard weights and fitness machine room too.  Plus, there's home made cake at the front desk.  Again, would it ever be a chore going to this gym?

The Intercontinental is where President Bush stayed during APEC 2007.  Apparently the hotel met all the security criteria for housing a US President.  It's also bomb proof, I think.  Anyway, APEC was good fun (see Wiki link).  We all got a day off.  There were kilometres of high grade metal fence all over the city (which we are still trying to sell at a good price, people interested like farmers have realized that it is cheaper to get their fences custom made and brand new rather than buying the APEC fence even at second hand prices).  The bins were wrapped in heavy plastic and sealed with duct tape (potential bomb hiding spots).  There were motorcades and blaring security vehicles buzzing up and down George St all day.

Perhaps the oars were a memento of the Bush Administration stay?  It's all rather Ralph Lauren.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  I've been kicking back with Mr SSG and our customary Chinese takeaway that will feed us for the best part of the weekend.  I ordered honey king prawns and defeated the purpose by eating half of them without the batter or the honey sauce.

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  1. I love a girl who loves her brussel sprouts.

  2. That gym looks amazing! You're right - it wouldn't be difficult to go there.

    I am liking these restaurant reviews, SSG.

    Enjoy your weekend xx


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