Jul 27, 2010

Dysfunctional Driveway Disorder and Other Driving Deficiencies. Trakky Daks, Spelled In The Manner Of Terry Durack..

I woke up this morning determined to conquer one of my personal demons.

My front driveway.  It curves and dips down to the main road and for the first 3 years of living here, I've been too scared to reverse down it.  Terrified that I'd bring the fence down, unhinge the gate or hurtle down into oncoming traffic.  So I've done 3 point turns across the lawn so that I'd be able to point the car frontwards down the driveway to leave the house.

However, with the recent rain making the lawn so soggy, doing the 3 point turns was not going to happen.  So I took my life and the car in my own hands and hoped for the best.  It's all good.  I'm a convert to reversing down the driveway like normal people.  At last, I've kissed goodbye to my dysfunctional driveway relationship.

But don't tell Mr SSG.  Not about the reversing but also that I can sort of read paper road maps and can reverse park into parking spots right next to a wall or several concrete pillars.  My poor driveway reversing and parking skills are key arguments for the next SSG mobile having compulsory parking cameras, motion sensors and GPS.

Where did I find this super power?

It must have been yoga last night.  After congratulating our teacher on his new son, we spent the class doing forward bends.  It started innocuously with a downward dog or two.  However, there's always a twist (pun definitely intended) on Monday night yoga.  In reality it ended up being not just forward bending at the waist but twisting at the ribs and engaging the shoulders... simultaneously.  I felt like a low carb pretzel by the end of the class.  Flexible and ready to let go of things like MasterChef.

Which was already relegated to a minor role on the front page of yesterday's paper.  Giving the Seinfeld election (about nothing) the coverage it deserves needs.

Terry is also letting go and chilling out.  It must be the weather - it's bleak enough to make even the staunchest foodie search for comfort food.  In today's review of Neutral Bay Bar & Dining, Terry gives voice to the universal appeal of home-cooked food and expressed surprise that though it felt like eating at home at Neutral Bay, "I'm amazed people aren't lolling about in their trakky-daks (Terry's Spelling) clutching remotes".

Terry, this photo is for you.  The SSG Manor remotes and my Bonds tracky dacks at the ready for dinner tonight (home cooked stir fry).

Did we all dress up for ANTM day?  It's my excuse to celebrate fashion.  Workhorse accessories including my RPE Lady Melbourne necklace.  Dress from Veronika Maine.

This week's research questions for the girls of the ANTM house:
a) who Brooke Shields is
b)  the name of the lady who spread her legs without underwear on a  movie and
c) what a music collaboration is. 


  1. Love the outfit, the dress is simply elegant...you could wear that anywhere, it is the classic LBD.

  2. I proudly wear my Juicy sweats in front of the tv sometimes! :P Love the LBD too!

  3. Thank you ladies, got to love a little black dress!

    SSG xxx

  4. My total inability to park and extreme talent at map-reading support the proposition that my husband should always act as chauffeur... :) Teehee.

    Love the dress. x

  5. You always are so well dressed and have such an eye for fashion. :)


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