Jul 9, 2010

An Early Night Before A Big Adventure In the Blue Mountains.

Just a quick post before I hit the sack.  It's been a hectic day and it's going to be a very early start tomorrow.

I'm  hoping Tigger will add a little bounce to my morning tomorrow.  The alarm is set for 4am because I am off to The Blue Mountains for a photographic adventure.  Our aim is to catch a sunrise and I hope all those clouds over the skies of Sydney emptied themselves of all their rain today.

We will be there from sun up to sunset.  So I need sustenance in the form of high energy snacks.

Hence the dark chocolate.  I had to get the blueberry flavoured version too because of the anti-oxidants. Lindt makes for rather luxurious trail mix.  I figure a banana and some seaweed rice crackers will add a few more minerals.  I wonder if this is what the Tour De France cyclists are eating at the moment on the cobblestones of Europe?  I reckon it's a high performance diet.

My trusty Hello Kitty backpack is at the ready.  It holds a heap of food, in case you were wondering.  On top of the chocolate, I've got fresh fruit and some Bakers Delight cheesy bread as well.  Incidental additions to my kit include spare batteries, a remote and an umbrella.

There will be no time to have a wardrobe crisis tomorrow morning.  

I'm working a palette of grey, black and dark denim.

I'd better get going.  I'm all sorted food, clothing and camera wise.

Take care and think of me at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  I'll be the one on the M4 desperately looking for coffee at 5 am!


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