Jul 11, 2010

The Holiday Destination Election. The Many Uses Of A Coles Rotisserie Chicken.

Today Mr SSG and I had a family meeting to start planning our holiday for August.  Just under a month, that's got to be enough time?

Also present at the meeting was Google Maps, TripAdvisor, caffeine for energy and an apple for wisdom.  Unlike the Federal Election, there was no need to drop by at The Governor General's house for a cup of tea and a formal request for permission.  Which was just as well because I had both a bad hair day today and a stubborn coffee stain at the collar of my top.  Quentin Bryce would have been Unamused.

The destinations running for election are:
  • LA and Hawaii
  • London, Dublin and Munich
  • New York and Tokyo
  • Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo
It's been confusing to say the least.  At the moment, Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo is the preferred option and is polling rather well.

My problem with holidays is that I spend so much time longing for them but not enough time actually planning them.  I might see a city on television or read something about one and decide 'I'd love to go there....' but when it comes to the crunch, how to decide?  Mr SSG's approach is to ask about the kind of holiday I'd like to have.  The answer is always the same 'I'd like to sight see, go shopping (of course), eat and relax'.  Which hardly helps in excluding places.  

Anyway, watch this space.  As I read more and more on TripAdvisor, I'm getting more and more confused about Shanghai.  Tokyo seems wonderfully straightforward and user friendly for the non Japanese speaking visitor.

In food news, I've succumbed to the challenge of cooking recipe from a Coles magazine.  In the past, I've had a few problems with cooking times and ingredient ratios as well as the feeling that sometimes a little 'something' was missing flavour wise.  But the recipes are so compelling because they are so easy.  A few items off the shelves, minimal prep time and voila - dinner.

However, I couldn't resist trying the Mexican Chicken Bake from the most recent issue of the magazine.

I like a dinner recipe that involves a few cans of wholesome vegetables, enchilada sauce and .....  an entire  Coles rotisserie chicken. 

The shredded chicken meat was combined with the previous ingredients before being placed in a baking dish.  The topping involved sliced French stick topped with melted cheese for a truly multicultural instant dinner.  However, I had leftover Baker's Delight cheese twist to use up so that went on top instead.  This was then topped with grated cheese and baked for 25 minutes.  Yes, on Masterchef night.  I know, where is the culinary intricacy in the SSG Sunday dinner?

It was actually pretty tasty and I have left overs for emergency dinners later on in the week.

After an early dinner, it was time to wind down from the holiday planning research of the afternoon.

Mr SSG caught up on the football and we spotted Megan Gale and her boyfriend Andy Lee in the crowd.  I love how Megan looks all flawless and supermodel-ish far from hair and make-up on a cold winter's day sitting out in the stands watching the game.


  1. I read a funny interview with Megan Gale today. She is rather smart and witty.
    Your Mexican bake looks great.
    My dinner was not a success. Dessert was good though.
    How exciting about planning your holidays! I vote New York.

  2. Megan Gale is my idol. She's witty, funny, classy, elegant, down to earth and loves a good game of boggle. How could you go wrong? I'd marry her.

    Holidays are awesome. We are still planning our trip to South Africa and the UK. I have always wanted to go to Shanghai and I adore Tokyo. But then again I have just gotten back from New York and can give you lots of lovely shopping tips and restaurant recommendations if you end up there...

    LA I found a bit... Blah. It's fine for a couple of days but it's not overwhelming... Good shopping though, and I have great food suggestions if you stay somewhere near Venice or Santa Monica (which I think is a superior destination)...

    Kitty xx

  3. Watching this space for destination unknown :)
    August? That is not far at all. V.jealous :)

  4. I'm with Carly, I vote New York too as I am absolutely smitten with it. No matter which you choose though, exciting times lie ahead!

    I religiously collect the Coles and Woolworths recipe mags but am yet to cook anything from them. Much like all the other cookbooks I own haha.

  5. I use Trip Advisor for any holiday planning...I have never regretted the time spent reading and researching...it makes the trip details easy peasy!

    Your recipe looks tatsy too.

  6. If you come to London.....I'll totally hook you up....plus it would be great to see you again. ;)

    Love your pics from the Blue Mtns.

  7. any one of those sounds great.. except LA. i hate LA! been there 3 times. boo


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