Jul 29, 2010

I Commit To Detox. All American Baking.

And so I find myself in front of me laptop pondering the adequacy of my diet recently.  As regular readers will know, there has been a lot to analyze.

As I clutched one last coke zero, the time had come to make positive changes in my diet.  I like to think that I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle - exercising daily, home made salads for lunch, fruit and nuts for morning tea, takeaway once a week and brushing my teeth after lunch at work.  But there's also many worrying things - coffee twice a day, a daily piece of chocolate, all those places I've been to eat and blogged about (got nowhere to hide now).  It's starting to take its toll.

In recent weeks I've made cosmetic changes to things in my life like my choice of skincare, I've re-orientated my religious compass, I've sought ways to amuse myself that don't always involve 'buying something new'.

Now, it's time to address how I feed my body.  The last big change I made to my diet was stopping my daily diet coke habit 4 years ago (once you've had one root canal, you do what you have to do).  Inspired by cotton socks and her encouraging first day of detox, I've signed up for a one day Urban Remedy detox.  D-day for me will be Monday August 9.  I'll definitely keep you all posted.  It will be the first time I've done a detox.  I like the idea that the juices for the Urban Remedy detox all arrive prepared and ready to consume.  They also sound like they'll be freshly made too.  I'm treating this detox as a time to think more seriously about what I eat each day.  I will be curious to see what effect this will have on my energy levels and appearance too.

So, in the days that remain B.D. (before detox, don't you love all the ominous acronyms and abbreviations?), let's look back at just some of the cooking decisions that have lead to this decision to detox.  Together, let's savour butter, chocolate, white flour and chocolate.

There was my All American baking day.  I embarked on this baking project on the weekend.  We are having an afternoon tea at work tomorrow and the recipes I chose freeze well.

It goes without saying that I wore my All American A&F hoodie during my baking spree.  Here it is fresh from the wash.  I always seem to get batter all over my sleeves when I bake.

My inspiration was once again, that bible of precise baking, Joy Of Baking.

First up, the Katharine Hepburn brownies.  Legend has it that Ms Hepburn gave this recipe to a gossip columnist as part of any interview decades ago.  All I could think of when I thought of Katharine was pearl stud earrings, immaculate hair, a good scarf and a stiff drink.

Image courtesy of www.rottentomatoes.com

True to her image, these brownies have a hard and glossy exterior but were something quite different once you bite into them.  Rich, sweet and very decadent.

The recipe in the link is very detailed and exacting. It is worth persisting and following it to a T.

Here I am melting my unsalted butter and Lindt dessert cooking dark chocolate.

Then adding the dry ingredients.  Lots of sugar and not much flour.  My kind of brownie recipe.

I chose to leave out the nuts.  In hindsight, this recipe could be doubled because it made a rather thin brownie.

Then I made some Snickerdoodles.  These are a buttery biscuit coated in cinnamon sugar.  Apparently, the name is a corruption of a German word and the biscuits have been in existence since around 1899.  I am pretty sure Snickerdoodles are an American biscuit.

I started with the rich butter and egg filled biscuit batter.  Batter makes me smile.  I was feeling terribly American as I was baking.  I even called my KitchenAid a stand mixer and Fox news was on in the background on pay TV.

The cinnamon sugar is used to dredge rounds of dough.

This could have been a doughnut recipe for all the sugar and cinnamon going on.  Which reminds me, I haven't eaten a piping hot fresh cinnamon doughnut in ages nor a 100% synthetic Krispy Kreme one either.  Random last thoughts before detox.

It was very satisfying flattening my cinnamon sugar coated biscuit dough balls with the bottom of a glass tumbler.

There was enough extra cinnamon sugar to be bottled in one of my bargain Ikea spice jars.  Will have to find a good use for the sugar.  Might make some toast out of it.

The final product.

The biscuits keep for ages and are crunchy and buttery with a cinnamon kick.  Best served with a cup of tea for dunking.

All my baking survived the freezer.  They are defrosting right now and I'm off to rustle up an American outfit for tomorrow to go with my baked goods.


  1. Hi girl.
    I am getting really inspired by cotton as well:)
    And this detox site looks really good, and the idea of doing it for a day...maybe three is something i can do without falling apart completely...

    So i am really thinking about joing you girls very soon..

    Maybe we will end doing it together:)

    Good luck, and you can do this...stay strong:)

    From a rainy oslo: have a gorgeous day - SP

  2. Oh SSG you are strong willed embarking on the detox.
    My mouth is watering reading about these delicious baked goods of yours. Maybe my mouth will water reading about your detox?

  3. Good luck on your detox! Would love to hear how you get on. I love Snickerdoodles, but I make the not quite nigella version called cinnadoodles (with cinnamon chips for extra cinnamon). Bliss. The brownie looks fantabulous as well!

  4. Hello SSG! Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I was busy signing publishing contracts :) From one detoxer to another ... best wishes!! I did the opposite of detox last night. I filled my body with nasty intolerable chemicals. Suffering today as a result. So, stick with it!!

  5. Thanks for all the positive comments, ladies.

    Will keep you all updated.

    SSG xxx


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