Jul 1, 2010

In Which I Observe Financial New Years Day In Thrift. A Day Off.

There's always so much excitement about the end of financial year.  It even has its own acronym, EOFY.  If you're in retailing it gets called EOFYS for end of financial year sale.  Foxtel even has a jingle for its annual EOFYS sale.  It annoys me intensely (which is why I avoid the website like the plague and stick to the iPhone app) but that's another story.

What about July 1?  Financial New Year's Day.  Well, patient readers, I'm here to help.  I had a day off today and decided to celebrate in some way.

It was only fitting that the first day of the new financial year be observed with some modicum of frugality.

So I started the day the way I intended to live the rest of it - by having leftover sushi for breakfast as I read the paper.  People of Sydney, it is now the height of style to pursue a hobby of a crafty nature.

I then did other thrifty things like taking advantage of the television for entertainment while I did other prudent activities like the laundry and my hair.  Regarding my hair, I didn't have it in me to go to the hairdresser today.  If it's good enough for Andie McDowell and Eva Longoria Parker, it's good enough for Sydney Shop Girl and yes, I'm worth it.

Nirvana, those were the days.  They embodied disenchantment and the eternal battle between the creative powers of illicit drug use and the huge toll drug use bears upon both user and their loved ones.  Sleep well and I hope you have found peace, Kurt Cobain.

All that Teen Spirit guitar riffing had me inspired wardrobe wise.  It was the battle of the leopards and Steven Sprouse won.  The Target faux-pard (thanks for the cool name, Carly) will have to wait for another day.  I was getting dressed to have lunch with Mr SSG in the city.  If you're going to do leopard in the city it is best to err on the side of caution more sedate colour way. It blends in with the grey and black suits better.

Nothing like a trashy page turner to get you through a bus ride.  I see myself spending most of this weekend with my nose in this novel.  It's part gothic, part Dickensonian and totally twisted.  Just the ticket for a bit of respite from news of elections in August, spies with no secrets and oil leak clean ups delated by bad weather.

I started off with an investigative expedition into Mid City - the shopping centre for which Nicole Richie is 'the official face'.  It's all black marble and I couldn't find a food court.  Most unusual for a shopping centre. Undeterred, I walked dutifully inside.

Yes!!   Forever New is but a bus ride away from me now.  I'm not sure if it's as big as the flagship store in Melbourne (couldn't see any Lipsy) but it's better than nothing.

I love Peter Alexander stores.  Especially the bed on the ceiling.

In the distance, on the second floor, a hot pink store stood out like a beacon in the maze of dark marble store fronts.  Pink Zebra too!  This is one of the sources of US denim and cashmere amongst other things.  I haven't actually bought anything from them but I am happy to report that J Brand at Revolve is cheaper!  Even when taking the dismal fortunes of the AUD against the greenback into account.

True to theme of frugality and financial prudence, I walked out of Mid City without a single shopping bag.

I continued to have similar success at The Strand.  The best strategy is to stay in the main thoroughfares and not walk into any door next to a window bearing the legend 'final reductions in store'.

There was an exhibition of evening wear from a number of up and coming designers and I couldn't resist taking a few photos.

The detailing was outrageous - the clothes were so tactile.  I didn't touch anything!  There weren't any signs advising this but I was just erred on the side of caution.

No leisurely walk on the Financial New Year's Day would be complete without a walk past the Bank of the Silver Donut.  There were many people in suits, deep in conversation at each other and at blackberries as they stood and waited tersely, for something.  Had they seen my last credit card statement?  Wrong bank.  I chose to avoid the CBA, just in case word had spread there.

It was the Lions Club International Convention in Sydney today.  There was goodwill and friendship in the air.  Which took the edge off the chilly day.

The last few autumn leaves clung to tree branches throughout the city.  Sometimes I look at Sydney and think of New York City.  But  no, the pace is even faster there, the crowds and queues more populated, the taxis are yellow rather than silver and the buildings are bigger.  Except the Flat Iron which is thinner than anything we have in Sydney.  I think the same is true of the people.  Thought for another day...

But at least we had the sun, and the Lions.


  1. Good on you for embracing thrift and frugality, if by not fault of your own. I have yet to drag myself to Mid-City but I might delay it for a little longer... Like you, I avoided walking past westpac today, just in case they had seen my latest statement...

  2. The Bank of the Silver Donut!!! Hehhee

    And I think that the new shopping centre, Mid City, has no foodcourt because Nicole Richie is the official face (not the stomach) of the centre.

  3. Snaps for starting the financial year with such sensible resolutions.

    My resolution? To bag up completely unorganised tax related paperwork and post to the accountant, as is (make him work for his money).

    P.S. Your delicious blog has been awarded and tagged.

  4. Well it seems as if you had a lovely day despite the NO SHOPPING BAGS!! Thanks for taking us with you through the great photos too. x


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