Jul 18, 2010

Jasper's, Hunters Hill.

I was having one of those inspired function meet fashion moments the other day.  It was actually a Friday, a day always conducive to creativity in fashion.

My problems were a pair of skinny jeans that were way too long, a pair of flats that were comfortable except for the fact that only the right sided shoe kept digging into the skin of my ankle and cold feet.  

The inspired solution for both these problems?  A glass or two of champagne.  Simply pulling the legs of my jeans down over the back half of my feet and slipping me feet into my flats.  It was magic.  I walked around in those shoes all day and didn't trip over the legs of my jeans.

If that's not a reason to go out for dinner, then I don't know what is.

Here we are at Jasper's.  It's on Alexandra St in Hunters Hill and is located in a lovely old house with a wood fire burning warmly and polished floor boards.  It's a modern Australian menu which is a cuisine we haven't tried in a while.  Unless you count my passion for cheddarmite scrolls at Baker's Delight.

Our table was conveniently located next to a wall of wine.

I could peak over the tops of the bottles into the front dining area and out through the feature window at the front.  The street outside is part of my Saturday run.  There are lots of lovely cafes along the street.

Mr SSG and I decided to have the 3 course set menu.  There was a choice of 2 for each course.  Ever obliging, we decided to order alternate options for the 3 courses.

Mr SSG's entree was the Yellowtail Kingfish salad.  It was delicious and unexpected to be having a 'raw' salad in winter.

I had the mushroom soup.  I liked that there were whole mushroom pieces as opposed to a puree of mushrooms in the soup.  I must remember to garnish my soups with fresh greens too.

There are quite a few wine bottle shots tonight.  Apologies but I was seated in a corner where the bottles occupied most of my line of sight.  The powder blue topped bottles were being particularly distracting.  Mainly because they made me realize that I don't own a bag or shoes in that colour.... yet.  Idle thought.  Ah yes, moving back to the food.

Mr SSG's pork belly with black pudding.

The Jasper's champagne cocktail featuring elderberry and pear.  Elderberries are a great source of antioxidants and can lower cholesterol.  Just the thing for counteracting tonight's decadent desserts.

Fish of the day was ling with leek and snap peas.  I love the fresh and vivid greens of this dish.

The apple and brandy dessert with poached apple and pistachio crumble. More subdued greens.

A view of the kitchen and bar.

The bittersweet chocolate delice with star anise ice cream.

These are my patent YSL Gaby's after we got home from dinner.  They are a good heel indeed.  Besides being easy to walk in, the also benefit from ingenious design.  In hands less capable than those of the YSL faculty of shoe design, they could have appeared decidedly trampy and best accessorized with an ankle monitor.  Perhaps ankle monitors are another way to keep those recalcitrant legs of skinny jeans in place?


  1. Need you help dear lover of food. Any recs for breakfast/brunch places in Sydney?? x

  2. Oh you make me laugh, SSG! Especially with your innovation - tucking your long jeans under your feet and saving yourself from hurt. And the ankle monitor idea! Gold!

    Did you read that LiLo tweeted to Chanel, requesting them to send her some Chanel stickers to cover her ankle monitor at the award ceremony she went to!
    "can CHANEL please help me out by getting me some stickers to put on my scram bracelet so that i can at least wear a chic dress?! maybe!? x"

  3. I see that you enjoy preparing food as well as photographing it. Reading your descriptions makes me feel terribly odd. Odd, because I´m not so interested in cooking. And eating in restaurants is very expensive .Actually I don´t even know how expensive, because we dine out so seldom. Actually I do feel quite good about this" no restaurants". One way of being frugal ; )

  4. She Wore It Well: Black Star, Newtown. Baroque, at The Rocks. Brasserie Bread. Fratellis Potts Point. I hear good things about Dank St Depot.

    Carly - love it! Thank you for the link.

    metscan - you are all the healthier and wealthier for not eating out as often as I do.

    SSG xxx

  5. OK love the shoes and thanks for the tip about tucking them in! I seems to have shrunk or something because my jeans seem to be dragging :P


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