Jul 10, 2010

Light Changes Everything.

Just a quick post tonight.  More details tomorrow.  

Yes, I survived the trip to The Blue Mountains today and it was well worth it.  Really tired now and my back aches.  Did not eat all my snacks.  

I have so many photos from today and thought that these would be perfect for the current blog this challenge - Change.

Light really does change everything.  

It changes the way things appear by altering shadows, reflecting and diffusing.

My first three photos were taken around the Wentworth Falls, from the Jamison Lookout.

At dawn.  I love that cold blue haziness.

Later in the morning, the thick mist was still visible.

Miraculously, by mid morning, the fog had all but gone.  There were only a few wisps left to be seen in the left of the photograph below.

Light can also be manipulated and changed by human hands.  

The Three Sisters this afternoon.  Taken from a tiny lookout, Echo Point.

I got to have my first use of hard filters today!  They are magic.  I am trawling Ebay for a set of my own now.  

In the photo below, the scene is transformed with the use of a few standard and coloured filters.


  1. What a wonderful trip and beautiful photos.

  2. These are gorgeous photos, SSG. You are very talented with the camera, and also with early Saturday morning starts.
    I love the sunrise. And the way the clouds lick the edge of the mountains.
    I replied to your meme on my blog and gave you a definition of meme.

  3. Such lovely pictures, SSG ! I can see that you are really interested in photographing.

  4. Hi girl.
    One question...how do you get your name onto all photos????
    Is there a special program you use???

    Have a great Sunday girl...SP

  5. The photos are gorgeous. You are very talented photographically. I am about to buy a new camera but I don't think it will be as special as yours!

  6. I love the shots of the mist. My first trip to the BM's was 2 months ago, it has such a beautiful feel to it.

  7. Gorgeous photos! Love the effect on the last one with the filters.


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