Jul 8, 2010

A Meme From Faux Fuchsia

As a long time fan of Faux Fuchsia and her eponynmous blog, I was really chuffed that FF passed on a meme for me to complete.  Why are meme's called meme?  Is it because the answers to them reveal something about the 'me' who has written the response?

To maintain Standards, I am writing my response in a tasteful outfit featuring neat hair, pearl studs and a decorative cashmere cardigan.  I can't seem to pull off twinsets and please overlook the distinct lack of manicure.

The cardigan is by Alannah Hill and is called My Darling Carrot.  Since wearing it, I find myself warming to the idea of visiting my local AH store to access more knitwear. 

There are how my real carrots look - not particularly darling.  But such is the power of Alannah.  The clothing she names after root vegetables are infinitely more attractive than the vegetables themselves.

I have a feeling raw carrots will be key as I figure out how to get 'best spring looks' ready after a winter of comfort food.

Without further ado, on to the meme.

What experience most shaped you and how?

Going to work after finishing university.  Working 'in the real world' and 'for real  money' taught me a lot about myself, other people and my chosen profession.

I've had the great privilege to work with inspiring, fun and memorable people and perhaps the even greater privelege of looking after some truly beautiful people who've told me stories about their lives that helped put my own into perspective.

What would you do with a whole day of no commitments?

To be honest, I'd be stuck.  I live by a day filled with places to be, things to do, boxes to tick off (I make lists with a square drawn in before each point just so I can tick them off, and I also have an electronic organizer on my phone).

I'd start the day with a run.  Get home and turn on the news or a morning chat show (a great luxury for those who are at work when these programmes are usually on) and just take my time having breakfast and getting ready.

Then, I'd go to an art exhibition.  I'd have high tea for lunch.   Stroll through the shops afterward.  Have a glass of champagne somewhere.  Blog a little while.  Get some takeaway for dinner and then watchin all 5 seasons of The Hills all night.
What food and drink would you never give up?

Food: sushi.

Drink: champagne.
Give Me a Savoury Recipe that doesn't include cheese.

So easy it makes itself.  Slow cooker chicken noodle soup.  Into your trusty slow cooker....

Place chopped garlic, onion, celery, carrot, pumpkin and corn.  Top with raw chicken (use some pieces on the bone) coated in a mixture of flour, onion powder, garlic powder, lemon pepper, celery salt and parsley flakes.  Place a bay leaf and some cracked peppercorns in as well.  Top with a litre of chicken salt and 2 cups of water.  Cook on low for 8 hours.

After that time, take out the chicken and put in 2 cups of pasta.  Cook on high for an hour or until pasta is cooked.  Shred the chicken and return it to the slow cooker and heat on low until warmed through.

Serve with multi grained rolls.

Chicken soup really is so good for the soul.  I feel so much  more contented and relaxed after having had two bowls for dinner tonight.

If you could travel anywhere where would it be and why?

I'd like to go back in time to when I was a child and each day was a whole new adventure of things to be learned and experienced.  I'm curious to go back and see experience what that whole voyage of discovery was all about.

If you were the leader of your country what would you?

Where do I begin?
  1. Action paid maternity leave, NOW.  No endless forms.  Just a copy of your last pay slip, your EDD (estimated day of delivery) and a bank account to which the funds are the be transferred (lump sum or fornightly).
  2. Stop quibbling about the 4% of 'illegal immigrants' who come off boats originating from political and social hotspots whose problems no one government can ever hope to solve.  The other 96% who have out stayed visas etc deserve more disciplinary action than these people who have fled desperate conditions and unspeakable violence and degradation.  People's lives can't be palmed off like livestock.  

If you could spend one day in another person's body whose would it be?

Victoria Beckham's.  Not sure if I'd fit though.  If it started looking ugly, I'd just hide in her wardrobe and play dress ups all day.  Except it would only be with her handbags, shoes and sunglasses because I wouldn't be able to zip up any of the clothes.  Her accessories and her famed home spray tan booth and full beauty salon then.

Which woman authour do you admire and why?

As an aside, this is my FF necklace providing a contrast of textures and shape to the book I'm going to discuss.  There's something quite soothing about just holding a much worn piece of jewelry.  I wish I'd invested in a memorable piece of jewelry with my first ever pay check.  It would have been a great symbol of the achievement of financial independence and I would have worn it every working day thereafter.  Must find that investment piece this year when I finish training.

Carolyn Jessop, a surivor of a Fundamentalist religious cult in Utah.  She is the first woman who was able to successfully sue for the custody of her children against the FLDS cult.

Escape is Carolyn's story of her life in a polygamous cult.  She inspires me because of her bravery in escaping the only world she new. fighting for her children and using her own experience to help and inform others.

I'd like to pass the meme to:

Carly Findlay
Soul Princess

These 3 ladies are a few of my daily reads and I'd love to read their answers.


  1. Hi Sweety:)
    You are like the nicest girl ever.
    I love all your answers...

    And i am soooo happy you tagged me for this one...
    I have a day off work tomorrow, so i will do it then...

    Thanks again girl, and by the way...i LOVE YOUR WORK AS WELL:)

    Have a great day, and you aught to check out my video "on blogs i love"....you are mentioned:)
    Bye from Norway - SP

  2. Darling Carrot! Cute sweater and who doesn't love cashmere...do you have any other veggie sweaters by Alannah?

  3. This is a gorgeous red cardigan! The day before I left Hamburg for one month to stay at Edinburgh (adventures hidden in my garden blog month of June - though I think you will like my new blog "You are witty and pretty" more)I visited Max Mara and bought my first item for - autumn/winter! Imagine: summer in HH hadn't even started - but the shop windows displayed those - and one thing I have learned in a big city like ours: if you don't buy special thing quickly - well - they're gone...
    See you! Britta

  4. Dear SSG, lovely answers, love the noodle soup recipe, and you look fab in your red cashmere, you are a cutie! (oh dear, does that sound stalkerish, wasn't meant to!) Bx

  5. I've enjoyed reading your meme, especially wishing that you'd bought a memorable piece of jewellery. I now own the brooch that my mother bought my grandmother with her first pay packet (the brooch formed part of my vintage wedding bouquet last year). Buying a piece of jewellery with a first pay packet sounds like such a good way to make this important milestone in life.


  6. Hi
    I will answer today...

    Have a great day!


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