Jul 13, 2010

Red Shoes and Resurrection. Team Hazel and Team Aniston. Mr SSG Lends A Hand.

I just knew it was going to be a good day the moment I slipped on my red patent shoes and clicked my heels...

Thanks to yoga the night before, I'd had a good night's sleep beforehand too.  It was the first class I'd been able to attend in weeks and it made me realize how much it's become an essential part of my weekly routine.

As I red patent shoe shuffled my way through the day, things just fell into place with a surprising lack of unforeseen circumstances.  I even had time to sit down and read the paper at lunch.  I reconnected with Terry.  Today, Terry visited House - 202 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills.  It's a new Thai restaurant from the owners of the Spice I Ams (I had the most amazing meal at the Darlinghurst location).

House is yet another restaurant I now want to go to.  Mainly for the dessert, Better Than Sex (BTS) which features brioche, pandan and coconut ice creams and palm sugar syrup.  It sounds like the love child of cendol and Bread Top which would make it my kind of dessert.  Terry advises that the dessert is best shared amongst 4 to minimize the chance of arresting from a massive sugar rush but I don't think he knows my capacity for sugar.  All in all, Terry sounds well.  Whilst enjoying his meal at House he got  inspired by an ad on the flat screen television and reminisced about foods from his Early Years.  I tend to do both of these things quite regularly too.  Clear signs I need to get to House soon.

Are we all excited about the prospect of a Federal Election?  Quentin has delayed her trip to Paris on the expectation that Julia will visit and Make An Announcement.  Such is Quentin's dedication to the job.  I don't think I'd forgo potential exposure to Laduree, Paul, Godiva, Hermes, Goyard, Hotel Costes, French McDonalds, potential Carla Bruni sightings and the Buddha Bar so that I'd be the first to know the election day.  It follows that I am not the Governor General.

The 80s have returned, not only in fashion but also in Australian politics.  Bob Hawke is out and about for several reasons.  The Labor Party needs someone who's been there before, in all senses of the word (winning elections and, unfortunately, being deposed as a Prime Minister....).  Blanche, his current wife, has also written the second instalment of her biography of him.  The couple did an interview with Kerry.  Is this the first time Kerry has interviewed a couple for the 7.30 Report?  Does this set a precedent for a Brangelina interview later this year?  Blanche has warm words for both KRudd and John Howard.  Bob had kind words for Blanche, calling her the 'love of his life'.  My heart bled for Hazel who is currently in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.  I will always be Team Aniston and Team Hazel.

For anyone wishing to relive the 80s in a non music, fashion, hair or make up way - there is a telemovie that is airing soon about the Hawke years.

It's the middle of winter here in Sydney and to be honest, one needs to be resourceful and find amusement in the least likely places.   Like on the front patio of SSG Manor this evening.

Was it a metaphor for the idea of a centralized refugee processing area somewhere in Timor?  Quite possibly.  It was the work of Mr SSG.  One of my cotton on ugg boots had fallen apart at the sole.  After one night of my walking around with a loud flapping noise, Mr SSG intervened.  He super glued the floppy sole with the better part of one tube and weighed it down with a brick to aid the drying and sealing process.  It worked.  I have no excuse to buy a new pair of pink uggs from Peter Alexander.

The helping hand of Mr SSG was felt in other areas of my life today.

I sent Mr SSG on an urgent mission to buy a replacement Aesop Resurrection hand balm.  My hands have been suffering at the hands of L'Occitane's shea butter hand cream which just isn't cutting it for winter.  Mr SSG was sent on his mission with a note giving directions to the Aesop at DJs, the name of the balm and the words "bottle not tube". 

He returned triumphant.  I forgot that there are two bottle sizes.  Mr SSG generously bought the larger.  Bless.  Ever resourceful, he had a chat to the sales assistant and scored a few samples to take on the plane with us in August.  Good work, Mr SSG.


  1. glad that someone else shares my love of aesop. my collection is embarrassing! lovee


  2. Love your red shoes, so cute, and Mr SSG sounds a real star! love that he got the free samples as well! that handcream sounds good! I like Occitane so interested to hear that the handcream not up to the job! Must check out aesop now! Bx P.S. thanks to you, paddling pool now filled with Pimms, sticky but delicious!

  3. I love red shoes...at the moment I only have one pair but they are definitely a pick me up.
    Glad to hear that you are enjoying Yoga.

  4. I love that hand lotion too. In Hamburg we have hot days with about 34°C - very unusual for our summer - but we enjoy it ats long as it lasts. Love your blog, interesting. Britta


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