Jul 31, 2010

Saturday Domestics. The Skinny On My Skinnies. Spending In Order To Save.

I can now say from personal experience that staying home or being at work on a Saturday afternoon are probably the only proven methods of lowering personal debt or at least making your dollar go further.  I've been working the last few Saturdays and I cleaned the house today.  My credit card statements this month speak for themselves.

This was me mopping the kitchen this afternoon.  During that fine break (singular) this afternoon in Sydney.

Is this really our mop?  Oh yes, that's right - Mr SSG broke retired the other one and bought this vision of blue microfibre.  I spent the afternoon trying to figure our how to use it.  Do I just splat it across the floor as is?  Will the miracle of microfibre work its magic and absorb both water and grime?

I rang Mr SSG just to check my technique.  He suggested Googling our mop model to find out more.  I think my problem is our mop bucket.  It's for the Vileda flat mop.  We need the Vileda Supermop Bucket and Power Wringer.  I'll have to look out for it at Coles this week.

Mr SSG got to Perth safely.  His flight was filled with perky, well behaved babies who demanded he test out the camera on his phone with them.  I got home from the airport in one piece.  I only made one wrong turn, looped through Paddington and got e-tagged twice for the Cross City Tunnel.  I took a photo of our mop with my iPhone's camera.

Back to the title of this post.  The skinny on my skinnies.

Way back in April, I bought these bargain priced skinnies. It is now July (August tomorrow - can you believe it?  I'm nearly another year older).  The path of bargain priced denim love does not run smooth.  The Cotton On's are having major zipper issues now and the Ice skinnies are sagging at the knees.  Thank you to the wise readers who told me this would happen.

So, once again, it was time to find long term denim commitment with J Brand.  As luck would have it, Revolve have this great offer going on. at the moment.  If you order from you iPhone (with the new Revolve app) - there's 20% off your order.  Also, it's still free shipping to Australia and the dollar has bounced above 90 cents, US.  

You know what, I still have photos from the food safari.....

From sunnier days this winter.

Stirring wands of dark chocolate and French peach / peche (I prefer to refer to it by the latter) cordial.  

The hot chocolate was good but I don't think I'm ready to give up my chocolate shop hot chocolates and mochas.

Peche Cordial + Louis Roederer = the SSG Manor Bellini

From Simon Johnson - fancy jam.

I really do like the light in those photos.

The quiet night in is progressing rather nicely.  I can't seem to escape good bargains (or dark chocolate) today.  Filled up the car with petrol this morning and felt nostalgic for the gossip weeklies.  With a Kit Kat for $1 - how could I say no?

What is it with Hollywood rom coms these days?  I've seen quite a few good ones this year.  I finally got around to watching Valentine's Day.  It really is great fun and it has a great cast (and soundtrack - will have to find it on iTunes).  I bet Mr SSG is going to regret not watching this one with me.

I know I've said I don't observe Valentine's Day but maybe one February 14, Mr SSG (played by Hector Elizondo in this scene) will wake me up with roses from the garden and a bottle of my favourite perfume.

And I'll (Shirley McClaine) whip out a piece of sporting memorabilia from under my pillow.


  1. Hey there
    I want a break just to read magazines and eat chocolate. Good on YOU. For actioning the mopping and reducing your spending. I self gifted a lot today. I need to follow in your shoes. And spend an afternoon at home.
    Did you enjoy Valentine's Day? I saw it on the actual day.

  2. Sounds as though you made very good use of your time:).

  3. I think you are so right SSG - I have been working for the last 3 weekends and have not spent a cent!! Enjoyed Valentines Day very much - Shirley McClaine was amazing..... x


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