Jul 30, 2010

The Supersizers and Favourite Vanity Sized Clothes. The Goodbye Afternoon Tea.

With all my talk of food safaris, detoxing, baking and eating out - the irony of finding this on SBS last night was not lost on me at all.

For those that aren't familiar with the series, The Supersizers are a pair of British media personalities who visit the different periods of English history.  They live the life of a couple of the period from the food to the clothing and popular activities of the day.  Before and after each challenge, Giles and Sue have their health assessed - everything from bloods to weight and exercise capacity.  They are helped in each episode by a chef who faithfully creates all their food.

For this week's episode, the Supersizers went Elizabethan.  Coffee and tea were yet to make their way to British households.  Pastry was a useful vessel for presenting a variety of mysterious meats and animal body parts.  

It was the epitome of mouth to tail eating as no part of any animal was let to waste.

The water was undrinkable so beer really was the safest option and was drunk with every meal.  It possibly made the food taste better too.  

Each night of the challenge, Giles and Sue had their own video cameras and delivered their personal reflections of each day.  It was both frightening and funny seeing how the pair coped with caffeine withdrawal, compulsory and sustained alcohol intoxication and a distinct lack of fibre in their diets.  

The program was food for thought.  Not so much the 24/7 substitution of beer for water but rather the creative use of pastry for making a meal of foods on hand in the pantry.

I'm a recent convert to the convenience that is canned baby potatoes.  They form the basis for my salmon pasties (an idea from the winter Coles magazine).  I chopped the potatoes, added the flaked salmon, some frozen vegetables and a cup of cheesy pasta sauce.  I added garlic and onion powder as well as other seasonings (all of whom have chosen to conceal their true identities in the photo below - though they all look suspiciously to be from the house of Masterfoods).

The most complicated steps for me were actually making the pasties.  I carefully cut out my circles of thawed fat reduced short crust pastry using a saucer as a guide.  It was a bit tricky getting the pastry to stick but we got there.

Baking paper really does help but I had run out so had to use alfoil sprayed with olive oil.

Served with a green salad, pasties are a quick and easy mid week dinner.  They also freeze well.  I might trot out this recipe for the AFL Grand Final.  I don't have a meat pie recipe or sausage roll recipe.  Or perhaps Mr SSG and I could have all 3?

It was my last day at my current posting today and we had a goodbye afternoon tea.  I was sad because though it was busy and stressful at times, I had a great bunch of people working with me.  We all pulled our weight, pitched in to do things that weren't always in our job descriptions and were nice and honest to each other.  I was really touched to be told that I'd be missed and to be thanked for what I did.  

There was lots of food.  I contributed  my Snickerdoodles, Katharine Hepburn brownies, assorted junk food and some fizzy drink.  My colleague who was also leaving brought in this fantastic coconut and pineapple cake (my 2 favourite flavours in the one cake) and some Portugese pies.

I found a red, white and blue outfit to match my baking.  White wool scoop neck sweater from Kookai, white fearl (thanks FF and Carly) necklaces, red Hermes clic clac and navy Country Road suit jacket (which I love mainly for its uber vanity sized 'size tag' - enough said).

Which I wore with grey skinnys from that emporium of cheap chic - ICE (you have to look hard sometimes but there are some good 'of the moment' designer knock offs to be had there).  They do vanity sizing on the cheap.

It's going to be an interesting weekend.  Mr SSG is off to Perth for a week and I'm staying here in Sydney on my own.  I might visit a food festival tomorrow and get a chick flick DVD out for company in the evening.

Have a good one.


  1. I love the Supersizers! It's my favourite show on TV. I love that Sue Perkins, who is actually a vegetarian, eats EVERYTHING with gusto. Includung the snout (oink oink!). She's hilarious! As much as I like spending time with Mr Kitty, sometimes it's nice to have a week to yourself. You can watch what you like, eat what you like and a week isn't really that long! I think you will have fun, as much as you will miss him. S xx

  2. I am so glad I am not the only intelligent woman who is a complete and utter sucker for vanity sizing. I am obviously very shallow as fitting into single figure jeans makes me happy.

    Oh dear. Must get out more. Loved the food safari series by the way. If I manage to get a blog going I will do a similar series on local food wonders - we will visit the bain maries and chico rolls of my town.....

    Take care and enjoy your weekend

  3. Very chic outfit! I love your choice in accessories! You can never go wrong with hermes and pearls/fearls !!

    Good luck on your detox!! I am glad to of inspired someone! :)
    I found juice 3 to be the hardest but as I consumed it, I keep thinking about the other juices and tried to get excited about trying them.
    The day will go really fast when you're drinking juices every 2 hours too!

  4. Miss Kitty: wise advice. Thank you :-)

    A Farmer's Wife: you should so definitely blog. Here's to vanity sizing and thank you so much for reading the food safari posts.

    Cotton Socks: agreed re accessorizing. Thanks for tips re detox.

    SSG xxx


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