Jul 19, 2010

This is BEIGE ALAIN DUCASSE TOKYO and Other Uplifting Emails.

My inbox has been a happy place recently, full of joy, promise and hope for the future.  If it were a politician, it would be posing for photos with unsuspecting babies in Queensland.  Speaking of which, I have remembered to fill in my form to explain my absence from Australia for Election Day.  Once it's been received by the Electoral Commission, I am entitled to vote early in Australia or... (and this sounds much more fun), go to an Australian Embassy in Japan to vote.  Or I could choose not to vote at all.  Realistically, I'll be off to an early voting centre somewhere in Australia.  But, I may just look up the Embassy in Japan - just in case.

The first was one from Beige the Alain Ducasse restaurant in the flagship Chanel store in the Ginza.  The reason my title is in capitals is firstly that this was the way Beige filled in the subject heading of their email to me and secondly, I was just plain excited to receive the email.

Beige is Chanel's first and only non fashion retail interest.  From the website (conveniently translated from the Japanese), the food is meant to be a culinary interpretation of the Chanel design aesthetic.  Yes, it may sound fanciful, but ever since I heard about it from my friend S, Beige has been on my 'to eat' list.    There is only a dress code for men, stating that "We have dress code for Gentlemen, please wear a Jacket and avoid casual outfits."  Mr SSG is silently hurrumphing that he will have to pack a jacket after all.

I wonder if I'm supposed to wear head to toe beige or head to toe beige Chanel for dinner?  Mr SSG and I have  table with a view, for 2 confirmed for my birthday.

To get in the zone and channel Chanel, we have been eating beige foods here at SSG Manor.

Pasta (beige) with highlights of silverbeet, sundried tomato and olives with a garnish of parmesan (golden beige).   I am not sure if Karl ever referenced rustic Mediterranean in any of his collections (except deep tans for summer), or if Coco herself ever did so either (pasta is the enemy anyone wishing to fit couture, I suspect).  So I am not expecting that my pasta dish will be on offer at Beige.

My second lovely email was from my friend N.  She sent me an incredibly detailed and helpful list of pointers for our trip to Japan.  Complete with useful phrases to learn.  She also critiqued our proposed itinerary.  Thanks so much, N!!!

Finally, I received an email about next Gourmet Safari I'm doing.  I'm doing the French Safari on Wheels this Wednesday.  We start at 8.30 am and spend the whole day out and about, starting with a cup of coffee and a baguette in true French fashion.  If you liked my series of posts on my last safari, stay tuned!

All this talk of exotic places and food.  We had to come down to earth at some point.  With an oven proof bag, twist tie and an envelope of Maggi magic herbs and spices.

One hour later... perfectly roasted chicken drum sticks.

Next up on our list of down to earth food... fried rice.  I'm cooking the rice right now and am going to generously flavour it before popping it in the fridge for tomorrow.


  1. Hi from Norway:)
    Loved the bag, and the shoes darling:)
    Have a good week....

    Kind Regards - SP

  2. Japan sounds like an interesting choice for your vacation. My mum went there last year, and was full of new and exciting impressions when she got back home.


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