Jul 6, 2010

TLC For Lemon Trees and Surgical Procedure Alternatives (SPA) For My Face.

I've learned from personal experience that caffeine and I cannot be parted for longer than around 3 hours.  Yesterday afternoon, I made the mistake of substituting my afternoon eye opening cup of instant coffee for .... camomile tea.  I spent the afternoon in a limpid slow motion state which culminated in me doing some restful yoga poses in my pyjamas as Mr SSG calmly read passages from Mr Iyengar's yoga bible, Light On Yoga.  Then I watched The Good Wife, had some toast and went to bed at an embarrasingly early hour.

That was yesterday.  I'm a wiser woman today.  It's been caffeine all afternoon.  I have energy, I have buzz and I have the will to blog.

If there's one area of my life I've neglected for too long, it's the garden.  Over the last few months, I've been making amends for the many other things I've let go for too long, and now it's time to face my gardening gremlins.

This was once (4 years ago) a Meyer lemon tree abundant with lemons.  So many that the fruit weighed down the lower branches of the tree until they touched the ground.  I couldn't let the lemons go to waste so I donated a large bag full to the bakery where I was working at the time.

After that fruitful first year, the lemon tree slid into decline.  I don't think the overhanging trees that crowded around it helped either.  Earlier this year, we had a mass pruning in the backyard and my little lemon tree re-emerged from the shade.

So far things are looking a little mottled and unripe.

So I have started a new nutrition regime for my tree.  It involved a bucket full of hopefully named 'Thrive' plant food once every 2 weeks and a spray of white oil on an as needed basis.  Basically nurturing from the inside and out.

I am hoping to see the same kind of results in the garden as I have seen on my face with these little miracles - which are a purely external fixer but gee they are the business.

Presenting the MD Skincare alpha beta daily face peel travel packs.  I love the vaguely medical looking symbol on the box stating that the face wipes are a Surgical Procedure Alternative.  Which shortens rather nicely to SPA.

I received a few samples in the Mecca Cosmetica Beauty Icons box which I blogged about a few weeks ago. The idea is simple.  The face is wiped with the acid wipe (number 1) and then allowed to dry for 2 minutes before following with the neutralizing wipe (number 2).  Then use your regular face and eye creams afterward.  Apparently, there are face wipes for men from md as well.  Predictibly, men only need to use a one step, one wipe process.

I've been using them for a 2 weeks now, every second or third day and I look like I've had botox and photoshop on my face.  Just kidding.  Skin is definitely smoother and I've had less breakouts.  I have a strange suspicion that water may slide off the surface of my new skin like it would off glass, thankfully I can still emote and have full control of all my usual facial expressions.  I have a feeling glow will have to come from the use of more products - like bronzer and illuminating foundation.

How can thirty-something skin have sunspots, acne and the start of wrinkles simultaneously?  It's a cruel, cruel joke that the skincare companies of the world are exploiting with lucrative effect.  I will keep using them but should the day arrive when I find myself compelled to style my hair in the manner of Justin Bieber, I'll know I've gone Too Far.

I'm in one of those 'looking forward to the weekend from early Monday morning' kind of moods at the moment.  It's going to be an interesting Saturday for me. I'm going to The Blue Mountains for a photography lesson.  It calls for stamina, superior map reading skills and a good night's sleep before hand.  We start at 7am.  It takes 2 hours to get there (providing I read the map right and don't veer off in the opposite direction on the M4) and we'll be there until sunset.  So I've started to map my drive.  The only thing I need to know is whether or not there is a 24 hours Maccas on the M4 heading to the Blue Mountains.  I figure it's the only place I'll be able to find a strong coffee at 4 in the morning.


  1. A 7 am start is really committed of you!
    I look forward to seeing the photos you take :)
    Wow that skin regime sounds very promising. Personally I recommend a daily peel, caused by genetics, and a good slathering of vaseline. I don't look a day past 15. And I probably never will!
    I put another pic of Ben Cousins on my blog today. It's a service to all women.

  2. SSG,
    I understand that having Mr SSG pee on your lemon tree will help it fruit. Something about phosphate, I think. I'm sure he'll willingly oblige!
    xx Polly

  3. tagged you for a series of Q and A (feel free to ignore) do you want my white oil recipe?

  4. Meyer lemons are my absolute favorites. Good luck with your tree!


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