Aug 26, 2010

Distracted Thoughts. The Calm Exuded By Aquatic Life.

Before deciding what to blog about today, I stared long and hard at my fruit bowl and said 'It can't be about food'.

The fruit bowl is meant to be a symbol of my commitment to healthy living post holiday.
Actually, I had a few other things on my mind.  Is it wrong to contemplate a mail order 2 days after returning home from a spendy holiday (item in question cheaper than in Japan and in my size)?  What are the real differences between the numbers generated by a multinational accounting firm versus the Australian Treasury?  Elin has made her one dignified statement regarding The Divorce and how she Had No Idea while Tiger wished her well and expressed his desire to focus on their children.  A wise plan.  Ben Cousins and the first part of his documentary revealing his double life as a highly functioning drug addict whose personal life made the front page of The West Australian as his football prowess took up most of the sport pages.  Both were very attractive to look at.

I hope his story helps someone.  For all his shortcomings, it's been a brave act to lay his troubled personal life open to the general public.  I do admire his family and other close friends as they talked freely in the program.  I'm not sure if there is much more to be said about the AFL and the fact that their biggest issue with Ben Cousins' drug use related to his bringing the game into disrepute rather than the considerable danger the drug taking behaviour was to both Ben and those nearest to him.

I had an interview today and I was on edge and distractible all day.  It was a late afternoon interview which translates to a whole day's worth of ill defined anxiety.  I'm at one of those career crossroads that seems to have superimposed itself on other life decisions.  Sometimes, it's easier to have outcomes set before you which you then have to deal with the best way you know how.

My preparation involved a (sluggish) morning run, some yoga, routine chores and some positive thinking.  Not to mention some light reading.

I'm on a murder mystery and suspense novel kick at the moment. 

Metropolitan Sydney seemed to have taken on my angst.  The soft radiance of the winter's sun was at odds with the howling, shrill winds that threatened flight schedules, trees and good hair.  On the road, I passed 5 broken down cars (slowly and not forgetting to wave thanks to the Sydney drivers who let me in on the faster moving lane) and 3 cordoned off road repair areas (see previous bracket).

The interview is done.  It's amazing the insights that just come to mind when those strange interview questions are asked by a panel of 7.  May not have been the best start when the first question was introduced as 'one you've been expecting' except you didn't really.  Never mind.  It was a good experience and it was an achievement to be considered.

So here I am winding down in a responsible manner.  A mug of camomile tea, some Turkish sultanas and a healthy dinner in the slow cooker.  And some reflection on the holiday snaps.

I love aquariums.  More than zoos.  Some may question the ethics of imprisoned animals but I love looking at fish, seals, penguins and turtles - the colours, the peacefulness of the water, the swaying of vegetation underwater.  We visited the Sunshine International Aquarium in Ikebukuro, a busy hub of Tokyo.  It's in the Sunshine Shopping Centre and shares a floor with a planetarium.

The seal show, the seals were doing some maths without the calculators on their mobile phones....

The menacing glide of sting rays.

A recreation of the aquatic life in Tokyo Bay.

This reminded me of how good golden beige, yelllow, grey and black look together.  Spring / Summer 10/11 sorted.

Who knew taupe-y grey was so prominent underwater?

Chryasora metanaster - the look like x-ray images of buttons.

Australia - that's us!!

Reminded me of Ken Done and The Barrier Reef.

Not a fish to be messed with.

Ocean Sun Fish - the heaviest and biggest boned fish in the world.  Their average weight is around 1000 kg.  To maintain their body weight, they need to eat large volumes of jellyfish.  Wherever the Sun Fish is, you can assume that the ecosystem is ticking over nicely.

A penguin opening the pelican parade.  There were children everywhere yet despite the heat and their excitement, each child sat obediently where their parents told them to and respected the space of their neighbours in the audience.

After our little underwater escape, it was time to return to the busy and packed street of Ikebukuro.

In the background of this photo is half of the sign for a branch of Tokyu Hands, a homeware store.  This particular branch in Ikebukuro features a cat petting floor for those who have no space at home for a cat of their own.

I've done so well.. I deserve one food photo from Japan in this post.  We found this ice cream store in the basement of one of those seemingly austere office buildings near our hotel.  May I present a sort of healthy soft serve sundae - green tea sauce and red beans.  That's healthy, isn't it?

Japanese serves of most sweets are on the petite side, at least in the eyes if an Australian.    A good thing given all the foods waiting to be taste tested.


  1. Totally agree with your comments about Ben Cousin and his bravery in being part of the documentary. Such a sad account of the horrors of drug addiction - particularly from his father. I must admit there was something about his manner that made me wonder how "recovered" he really his. I really hope he is able to make something of his life now his football career (and compulsory drug testing 4x a week) is over and keep himself drug free. Also - on a completely shallow note - the man is an absolute god of a physical specimen. Infinitely better to watch on the TV than Julia/Tony/Bob Katter etc.

    Glad you loved Japan. Good luck with the interview.
    Take care.

  2. A Farmer's Wife: Hello!! I was thinking the same re the way Ben talked about his drug problem. At times he appeared to think he was still invincible by virtue of how much 'better' he seemed to perform in the cycle of training, playing and then going for broke on the drugs.

    SSG xxx

  3. Hi girl:)
    Some things aught to be small, that way you only get a taste:)
    And you can loooove every small bite:)

    Have a great day - SP

  4. Love the images of the aquarium sea life...nicely done!
    Sounds like you were enjoying a slow and thoughtful day.

  5. Great pictures of the little fishies. :)

  6. The aquariums are beautiful. I love the colours - it's like another world. Thank you for sharing the photos.

    I really like Ben Cousins. I admire his honesty and candidness. But I don't know if the documentary did much more than show that you can be successful and take drugs.


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