Aug 3, 2010

Hanging In There and Keeping It Real (Sort Of). Holiday Countdown. Deep Thought.

It's just gone 7.30 pm and I'm ready for bed.  I'm officially work weary.  On the up side, only 3 more days and then.... 3 WEEKS OF ANNUAL LEAVE!!!!!

Kerry is having words with Julia on the 7.30 Report, I presume it's the 'real Julia'.  The words 'absolute crap' have been uttered.  Julia said it first, then Kerry (I'm sticking to my guns - it's what I heard).  It matters not what it was in reference too.  All that matters is that it was said and that now we're all keeping it real.

As the day of our departure to Tokyo gets closer, I'm getting more anxious:
  • is it really going to be cheaper buying train tickets in Japan rather than getting the Rail Pass?  I've oscillated between the two options and it's now too late to get a Rail Pass anyway.
  • is all the Japanese running around in my head (thanks to my Earworms CD) going to come out as something coherent in Japan?  The strange thing is, I'm starting to understand the CD.  Also, iPhone maps saves addresses in Japanese on my phone.  
  • will I be able to pack light?  I really will have to carry my own suit case on and off the trains in Japan.  At speed.  And in the middle of huge crowds.
  • never mind packing light, is it possible to also shop light?
  • did we read the online booking forms right for our hotels?  Did we book a double room for 2 nights or 2 single rooms for one night?  Non smoking.
  • did I get the itinerary right?  Is every single night accounted for?  
Really, there's only one way to deal with stress like this (Oh there's plenty of stress in my life at the moment but it's all self inflicted) - look forward to your NEXT holiday.

I have just been in talks with Mr SSG, Minister Of Finance.  We are doing the bi coastal couple thing at the moment.  He is still in Perth and I miss him to bits.  Not only has he bought me 4 packets of my beloved West Australian Arnotts Gingernuts but.... he's been planning our next holiday in January.

We're going to Aspen!!!  With a side trip to San Francisco on the way out and then LA on the way home.  All I have to do is take the last day of work off (stress factors: trying to interview for a job next year and or decide if I want to be a full time student and do my Masters).

I know I have been complaining bitterly about the winter and the cold but it's different when you're on holidays in the snow.  It was just so peaceful in Aspen with the soft sun and with mountains in the background wherever you went.

My favourite spot after skiing - hitting the heated pool and spa.

With a chilled beverage.

And more mountains (with a log fire and heated towel chest in the foreground).  

Gingerbread houses with heavy lashes of frosting.

Outdoor log fires to relax around in the evening sun.

I think Terry Durack must secretly be reading my blog.  Why else (besides a delusion of reference) would he have featured a Japanese restaurant in today's review - Masa in Sylvania.  His descriptions of clean and simple flavours in a low key suburban restaurant set me off on a little day dream about where I'll be this time next week.

He also spoke of his memories of eating at the owner's previous digs - Zuma in Knightsbridge, London.  The fun of sitting in the best seat of house "number 67 at the sushi bar".

This is currently the best seat in SSG Manor.

It's cosy, has easy access to all the remotes, the phone and my iPhone for wireless browsing (might have to get an iPad for the complete experience).  I've got the heater wired up at my feet (which also serves to keep my uggs warm for the kitchen and bathroom runs).  It's almost a let down to get to bed.

It's actually very therapeutic to be able to wrap oneself up in the spare doona (don't knock Ikea sheets - they wash well and are very soft, not to mention cheap) and have a good think about the world.

I'm currently having a good think about jealousy and how much it currently may be affecting my behaviour and relationships.  
Of sharing genuinely in the good news of others when you so desperately want the same thing in your own life - a smile can be forced but it takes genuine feeling to get the voice and words right.  
Of realizing that there is a time and place for everyone and for everything.  
Of accepting God's timeline when it is not your own.   
Of feeling bad about being jealous because there is already so much to be thankful in my life.
Of whether I graduated from the Paris Hilton School of Hard Knocks - with first class honours.

These are all such 'easy' concepts to apply when you're not the person in question and the news or achievement in question is not something you are (unsuccessfully) trying to achieve yourself.  I don't have all the answers.  It's time to have a few words with the man Himself.

Thanks for reading, it just feel better having written it all down.


  1. Awwww your holiday sounds amazing!!! I can't wait until you blog about your adventures :)

    You deserve some rest and I think your holiday will leave you feeling refreshed.

    As for your insight toward the end of your post - I am sorry you are struggling with things at the moment. I think jealousy is present in all people to an extent. I sometimes get pangs of jealousy when I hear others talking about their healthy life and not having to worry about whether staying out late in a little strapless dress will make them unwell. I don't know you too well, but I can't imagine you're feeling jealous in a malicious way at all, just an introspective way, I guess. Look after yourself, and don't be hard on yourself. A song lyric resonates with me - 'I wonder if you know the pain to want the one thing that you haven't got?' (Mine - Savage Garden, 1997).

    Lots of love xxx

  2. Oh SSG - your post made me sad. I don't think you should feel bad for feeling jealous or not being able to always feel thankful.... We all put so much pressure on ourselves. Sometimes we have to just go with whatever feelings we are experiencing.

    Things happen when they are meant to.

    Take care.

  3. I hope you have a great day on the 12th. Sent you a card that you may not see till you get back. Spoil yourself deserve it. :)

    Love ya

  4. Hi! Wow, there is so much happening in your life, the trip to Japan, Aspen and all the other things you have written before. I can´t even imagine. I´d just like to say, that there is nothing wrong with feeling jealous at times. In fact, it can be a good feeling, as it might give you strength to achieve that something for yourself too. But then you knew that already, right?

  5. Oh how lovely - a holiday coming up and another to look forward to... DOn't worry I am sure you have thought of EVERYTHING for Japan. Enjoy and try and relax SSG! xx

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments.

    A Farmer's Wife: don't worry - thank you for your best wishes :-)

    christine: thank you :-)

    SSG xxx

  7. Oh, I totally understand your excitement about impending travel. I assure you that you will be able to pack light. Shopping light, however, I make no guarantees about. Aspen sounds amazing - and the good news is that you can bring home 2 suitcases from the US, plenty of space for American style goodies and cheap but well made clothing items.

    I totally understand about being grateful for the things we have rather than sad about the things we don't. I count my blessings every day but still the things I have no control over worry me. I think I know what you are getting at, and believe me, you have plenty of time. Not that it helps but you should enjoy what you have for the moment and live each day to the very best. That's what I am trying to do.

    Kitty xx

    PS: I have ikea sheets too - they are fantastic!

  8. Have fun in Tokyo! I love that city, it's always so much fun there and there's so much to see and do and blog! :) xxx

  9. Loved your post. The good stuff and the bad stuff, all there on a plate. I hope your holiday is fantastic - and the next one. And I hope that everything you want arrives sooner rather than later.

  10. Best wishes for a fab holiday SSG! You deserve it. Everything else will come when it's supposed to. Whatever it may be ...

  11. It has been too long since I have had time to check in on your musings (life!).

    I am so glad that this entry is the one I returned for. I read and reread your 'thoughts on the world'. Poignant and beautifully written. Thank you for sharing.

    Your holiday will be here before you know it and (hopefully) as you feel the plane lift from the tarmac, so too will all of your stressors be lifted. :)

  12. Miss Kitty: thank you for the encouragement.

    Lorraine: I will blog about the food for you.

    life in a pink fibro: thank you.

    Langdowns: much appreciated.

    Emma: so good to see you again :-) Thanks for your kind words.

    SSG xxx


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