Aug 29, 2010

Le Cafe de Joel Robuchon, Tokyo.

There's only one way to describe the Nihombashi Takashimya in Tokyo - genteel.

Mr SSG and I visited the store on my birthday (lunch at Joel Rubuchon, dinner at Beige Alain Ducasse, it was such an ordeal).  It's a short walk from the Shangri-La and Takashimya has a special program for hotel guests.  The store offers a personal shopper to help translate your requests to sales staff, your purchases can be delivered to your hotel room at a time convenient to you (with Goyard, Hermes, a Christian Louboutin concession and Louis Vuitton on the ground floor, power shoppers really only have one place to stay whilst in Tokyo) and complimentary drinks at the restaurant of your choice in the store.

I'll not keep you in suspense any longer.  I didn't buy a thing.

The interior is much like DJs in Sydney.  Marble and Grecian light fittings.  There is a lady in each lift who steps out to welcome shoppers into the lift, calls each level as it approaches and presses the buttons (for those with hands full of shopping bags).  In fact, the patrons were very DJs too.  Glamorous young mothers with prams and very elegant ladies who lunch.  

One place where everyone seemed to lunch at was Le Cafe de Joel Robuchon which was casually tucked away on the second floor behind some major European labels.

Authenticity and attention to detail is evident everywhere in the Tokyo shopping experience.  Each area of the big department stores faithfully recreates the experience of a cafe for food, a boutique for the designer labels etc.

The cafe was decorated in lush red with glossy black highlights.

Joel Robuchon is a major culinary entity in Tokyo.  He as least 2 other restaurants in Tokyo, one in Ebisu and another in Roppongi.

Taillevent Robuchon, Ebisu
The desserts echoed the colour scheme perfectly.

Sometimes, there can be too much choice.  My shameful secret - there were times in Japan where the choice of cakes was so overwhelming I walked out of patisseries empty handed.  

Iced coffee.
Club sandwich, french fries, pickles and cold tomato soup. Somehow, tomatoes are sweeter in Japan.
As we ate, perfectly coiffed ladies would glide in, seemingly immune to the humidity outside, dressed in autumn weight clothing.  Their favourite dish from the menu was the foie gras, eaten the French way.  Foie gras is also very popular in the teppanyaki restaurants of the area too.

Lemon tart with cookies.  Covering all the major dessert food groups.
Rhubarb dessert.


  1. Hehe yes the displays of cakes are something to be reckoned with. I think they could almost out France France! I think there are more Joel Robuchons in Japan than there are France!

  2. Thanks for all your insightful posts.

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