Aug 8, 2010

Lightweight Packing. The Last Supper.

In my determination to really pack light for this holiday, I've been exploring every possible avenue to save space and weight.  Including letting go of past bad habits and being brutally honest about my travelling lifestyle.

I found this really light kit bag by Kathmandu.  They make camping gear but I think they are more correctly defined as an 'adventure and lifestyle brand'.

Even when filled, it's a lighter than my usual traveling bag and smaller too.  I can see my little red kit bag (and I)  racking up the frequent flier points with me for many years to come.

The abundance of Kiehl's is courtesy of the lovely ladies at the Kiehl's counter at DJs Elizabeth St.  I will reveal more of their loveliness in  future post.  The rest of the bag is the result of my trawling through all my skincare samples.  I'm trying to actually use them before they expire.  Wish me luck, I have around 20 single use samples stashed away in various parts of my luggage.

I took a 'my real world on holiday' approach with makeup.  How much makeup would I really wear in hot and humid weather?  As little as possible and as simple as possible.  Nothing that requires too precise an application, no liquid foundation or multiple lip items that all end up being the same shade of nude. Done.  The final selection fit in one cosmetic purse 2/3 the size of my new red kit bag.  

Clothes were going to be the problem.  The irony of my love of clothes shopping and fashion magazines is that I seem genetically unable to follow the concept of a capsule wardrobe.  You know the sensible advice of a few key basic tailored items in a practical colour, exciting statement accessories and an assortment of all occasion shoes?  I can't do it.  Whenever I go on holiday, I have a definite holiday persona  in mind.  If I'm off somewhere hot - it's casual beach type gear and my birkis, I cannot live a summer without my Birkenstocks.  No core pieces in sight.  Just an assortment of shorts, T's and a pair of black skinny jeans.

Then there's the question of what to pack for a going out dress?  Something lightweight that hopefully won't crinkle en route.  I found this at Forever New yesterday.  Yes, it's a dress and no it definitely isn't black.  Planning to wear it to Beige and I think I can safely say I will not be blending into the decor with this get up.

I come in at just under 16kg!!!!  Which means that maybe I can sneak in some drop crotch black trousers and a khaki off the shoulder top for my temple and onsen visiting days.  Oh and I need a dressy top for the black skinnies in case we go out somewhere requiring more leg coverage than that dress allows.  And perhaps some flats in case I can't walk in  my heels....  Some leopards never change their spots.

For the plane, my noise canceling headphones, things to read and my red moleskine notebook

The lounge room is a sea of red nylon as my suitcase and other luggage being to fill up.  Mr SSG and I have been debating the above photo.  Does it say tourist too loudly?  Loudly, yes but too loudly? 

My Urban Remedy juices arrived this evening.  Complete with 6 bendy straws and a useful tips and hints card.

The Urban Remedy detox six pack.

They look so pretty.

Getting in my last caffeine and artificial sweetener hit.

The Urban Remedy team caution against the 'Last Supper' mentality the day before starting the detox.  I've tried to follow their advice.  No alcohol, usual exercise and food (however Sunday tends to be my 'Last Supper' day).

The fridge and fruit bowl are almost empty as we prepare to fly out on Tuesday.  Showing cunning improvisational skills I made cauliflower (and carrot) cheese.  We've now officially used up the last of the perishables in the fridge.

I will report back tomorrow regarding the detox.  In the meantime, I'm going to stay up and watch Life as well as The Good Wife finale.  Life is an all embracing televisual experience (my words, not ABC TV's marketing department's).  It's beautifully and loving filmed, the sound track perfect and well, the narrative skills of David Attenborough.  Tonight we're learning about mammals of this beautiful, diverse and at times harsh planet of ours.  The strong bond between mother and child which defines the species.  

I'm really excited about The Good Wife.  It's been the highlight of my Sunday evenings since it began.  I will miss it until the next season arrives.  Mr SSG has requested to be summoned from his footy tipping when it begins.  He is pleased that Alicia is now accruing Billable Hours.


  1. The Forever New Dress. I. Must. Have.

    Well done on your packing achievement. I think you have done so well given your shortcomings in the packing stakes.

  2. Hi
    See you like Khiel, and MAC as well:)

    Have a good holiday - and take photos...
    Have a nice day - SP

  3. I love to pack the samples of skincare for travel. It adds sort of a spa component to the whole experience of vacation:).

  4. I like your minimalist the Forever New frock too!
    Have fun!

  5. What an interesting post, love it! Really like your new dress, so pretty, and very impressed with your carefully thought out packing and your tidy cosmetics bag. have a lovely trip, don't overdo the detox, sounds a bit grim to me, are you sure a doughnut wouldn't be better?? Bx

  6. You've done well with the packing! I once went to Europe in summer for 3.5 with carry on luggage only. I did need a suitcase for the return trip though - did a bit too much shopping haha

    Enjoy the trip xx

  7. I love that you packed so sparsely. Using samples on holiday is a great idea. The Forever New dress is fabulous! I always over-do the accessories when I pack...

    I'm with Blighty - I think a doughnut is an excellent idea! But if you are doing the detox in order to be able to eat brilliantly and with gusto while you are holiday then it has the Kitty seal of approval.

  8. Thank you all for the positive reinforcement regarding light weight packing.

    Blighty and Miss Kitty: my detox attempt tanked. WIll get to the airport early for a Krispy Kreme before boarding.

    SSG xxx

  9. SP: where would we be without MAC or Kiehl's?

    SSG xxx


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