Aug 6, 2010

A Red Letter Day. The Holidays Begin.

It's going to be a good day when you return from your crack of dawn jog to find a parcel shaped much like this on your doorstep.  Complete with a red card from Australia Post.

What wasn't readily apparent at 7 in the morning was how long it was going to take to eventually become a good day.  It was my last day at work today before my 3 weeks off and it was organized chaos, to put it mildly.  There were people to see, other people to talk to and then other people who wanted to be spoken to repeatedly.  In parts productive in other parts tedious - we all got there in the end with no loss of life.  Then there all the loose ends that had to be tied up before I left so that the team starting on Monday knew where we were with plans and tests.

I eventually drove home with my sore brain filled with uncalled for thoughts of how much I'd miss it all whilst I was away.  As I sat in the peak hour(s) pre-weekend traffic, those thoughts vanished as quickly as they had appeared.

The black parcel from this morning was opened.  My new J Brand skinnies.  Just in time for the weekend.  Which reminds me, it was Jeans For Genes day today.  Wore the jeans but was unable to locate the people collecting the money.  Will have to make a donation online somewhere.

I searched all the pockets of my new jeans but sadly could not find the J Brand card stating that ironing was a bad idea (perhaps it goes without saying that you just don't iron blue jeans).  Perhaps J Brand knew that I'd gotten the message loud and clear with my earlier purchase.  Is it just my experience or does everyone else seem to find that black denim is less stretchy than the blues?  All my black jeans seem tighter than my blue ones.  

Mr SSG has returned home to Sydney.  I really regret not having been able to go back to Perth with him.  There was good news to be shared, good friends to be visited and family to see again. We really need to both head back for Christmas or New Year this year.  It's been way too long.  As the babies arrive, it's going to get harder for people to just spontaneously come visit us for a quick weekend away.

On his travels today, Mr SSG stumbled upon a cupcake store and returned home with a tiramisu cupcake for me.  Cupcakes may be so 2009 but I'll always have a soft spot for them.  I am happy to report that The Cupcake Bakery make a mean cupcake.  There was requisite cake component (always good for a cupcake) but also generous amounts of tiramisu frosting.  There was even a thoughtful centre of frosting as well as a generous top coat of it.  I am a frosting girl from way back.

Yes, I did go to Magnolia Bakery in New York City.  Unfortunately, the bakery's exterior was being renovated when we went so I couldn't get a nice photo of the front of the store (there was a no photography rule for inside, I think).  It was the middle of winter when we were there so it wasn't a fashion moment when I bought my cupcake.  It had coconut frosting and had a homestyle look that was very comforting as the bakery was located in a rather hip suburb peopled by locals with great hair and a flair for svelte in duck down coats and thick scarves and boots.

Sometime between now and Tuesday afternoon, I suppose I had better start packing.  

However, I am officially on holiday now and there are distractions.  Angelina on the cover of InStyle and Nicole on STYD.  I also have to make room in the pantry for my stash of WA Ginger Nut biscuits courtesy of Mr SSG and my father in law.

The preferred ginger nut at SSG Manor.
This whole election business is getting rather dramatic.  It's a shame the drama seems to be surrounding past Prime Ministers and Treasurers though.  As much as they have all made significant contributions to Australia, it scares me that they are the ones getting all the coverage with their speeches and opinions.  Do they know something that we, the collective voting public, do not?

I'm off to read my magazines and figure out what to do tomorrow.  Shops will be involved.  I can hear your gasps of surprise from here.  

Have a lovely evening and stay warm.


  1. Have a fab. holiday.. looks like a good start with your lovely jeans arriving. We have a cupcake bakery here in Melbourne - tried the date one the other day - yum! x

  2. enjoy your break you deserve it!

  3. I vote for Jules on the cover of Instyle.

  4. Have a fab holiday SSG!
    Looking forward to Hello Kitty updates. When I was about 5 we lived in Singapore where there was a Hello Kitty shop - quite a thing, 25 years ago. I will never forget my mini Hello Kitty perspex wedges! x

  5. OMG how I long for the cupcake bakery :( I think I'll have to take a trip to Sydney just to have one... Have fun on your trip!


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