Sep 24, 2010

Curry and the Commonwealth Revisited on Friday Evening.

I don't know how you're feeling about the week from the perspective of Friday evening but I'm so glad the week is done.  Perhaps the Planning Committee for the Delhi Commonwealth Games isn't quite feeling the joy.  So little time, so much to do.  There is lively debate in Australia at the moment.  I can understand the reasons athletes may choose not to attend.  Public opinion is divided and it has been interesting to listen to the perspective of Indians in Australia reflecting on how life really is in India when large amounts of money and lucrative government contracts are involved.

There is the small matter of having to work most of tomorrow but it's okay, I start at lunchtime.  That softens the blow somewhat - I can stay up late tonight and can also plan a lazy Sunday. Is planning a lazy Sunday a contradiction in terms though?  Thought so.  I'm passing the buck to Mr SSG.  Don't worry, I'm sure the final outcome will make its way to the blog.

I've spent the week clothed in shades of grey and black.  It's been wintry here in Sydney but come Friday, it actually got rather warm.

Which was  a great excuse to exercise creativity when wearing jeans.  An occasional event in the SSG dressing for work schedule.  A scarf as a belt.  Exciting times.  I'm not quite brave enough to wear red faux lizard leggings as pants as seen kerbside as I was driving home from work.  The images that sear themselves on your memory when you're in peak hour traffic.

CR navy jacket, beige Kookai top, Paige Premium Denim jeans and that vintage Hermes Ceres scarf that's been around for a while on this blog.
On arriving home, I decided to unwind by making a pie.  The perfect dish for using up wilted vegetables and things in the freezer.  The recipe is based on one I received from the people who do our fruit and vegetable home delivery, Flemington Direct.

Various vegetables diced and then par boiled form the healthy part of the pie filling.  No need for a side serve of vegies tonight. 

As I look back on the week in dinners, I realize that I've had quite a few curries.  Then I had a little chat about yoga the other night and tonight, the games in Delhi.  I'm not going to mess with a good theme (India).  I'm going to carry on the theme with a Curried Chicken Pie (perhaps if it involved Keen's Curry Powder, it's more of an Anglo-Indian theme).

The flavour component of the pie - curry powder and cream of chicken soup plus an egg to bind.  I can't remember the last time I opened a can of cream of chicken soup.  It's not exactly glamorous.

It's Friday night.  We can all make like the late Keith Floyd and brown our chicken, onions and garlic with a soothing beverage on hand.

The browned skinless chicken breast fillets are combined with the vegetables and the curry powder/egg/can of soup mix.  Plus more seasoning if you are so inclined.

That pie filling is a rather vivid shade of mustard....

To assemble the pie, defrost 2 sheets of puff pastry.  This is the first time I've finished a packet of puff pastry before it has succumbed to freezer burn.  I have my decor pastry box to thank for this.

I have come to the conclusion that it is easier to make an attractive looking normal pie (with a pastry base and top) rather than the healthy low carb version (just a pastry top).  That extra layer of pastry also goes down a treat.

Right.  Better get to bed.  Have a lovely evening and if you're having an AFL Grand Final do tomorrow - I've got my fingers crossed for good weather for you.


  1. Why succumb to fear? Be brave and show us that picture of you in red faux lizard leggings :)

    Take it easy and have a good weekend. Ok, from late Saturday or Sunday onwards.

  2. Lovely outfit SSG -especially like the nifty use of the scarf as belt... and delicious looking pie - mmmmmm ! I miss Keith Floyd and his drinking whilst cooking rules !! x

  3. Love your outfit. And the pic of the pastry base and top pie looks delicious!!!

  4. Great outfit :)
    And yummy pie.
    I shall indulge in some wine tonight.

  5. So true the extra layer of pastry never goes astray! Cute outfit too SSG!


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