Sep 9, 2010

Futuristic Geometry and Vivid Colour, Kyoto Station.

One of the good things about wet and miserable Thursday evenings is that they are a great opportunity to wade through all those holiday photos.  I have to admit that blogging about our holiday in Japan is the only reason I've managed to get through my photos as quickly as I have.

Tonight, in contrast to the dark skies and rain outside, I'm going to escape to blue skies and sleek lines of Kyoto Station.  How easy it is to forget the 35C days with what felt like 200% humidity were really like....

Kyoto Station seems to ever so gracefully imprison you with soaring arches of steel and glass.  It's a 'prison' with space, air and light at every turn.

The imposing posts and high ceilings encourage your eyes upward.

That's Kyoto Tower in the background.

It's a multi-level building and there are bursts of colour in amongst the grey steel and mirrored panels.  

It was such a futuristic space, it felt quite surreal walking around and exploring.

The retail area of the station  features an open air escalator as an alternate way of reaching each level of shopping space.

After spending the morning with our heads in the clouds, we returned to earth with lunch at Tonkatsu Wako.

The famed crumbed pork fillet with raw shredded cabbage, rice and sauce.

Japanese potato salad.

Kyoto seems to seamlessly fuse its rich past of history and culture with futuristic architecture and vibrancy.  I really enjoyed the contrasts.

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