Sep 10, 2010

Golden Pavilion, Kinkakuji Temple.

The Golden Pavilion or Kinkakuji is a Zen Buddhist temple and dates back to around 1397 when it was owned by a shogun.  The temple was burned to the ground by a monk in 1950.  The present temple was rebuilt as an exact replica in 1955.  The gold leaf exterior was reworked in 1984.

There is a phoenix adorning the roof of the temple.

The lower pond.

The gardens surrounding the temple are typical of the Muromachi period.  While the general public are not allowed inside the temple, we were free to stroll through the gardens.

Area for tea ceremonies.  I love the red umbrellas peeking trough the trees.

There were shrines at which to worship.

Coin operated offering machines.

We were each given a blessing to take home with us.  The blessing is valid for one year after which one needs to return to Kyoto to have it renewed.  Not too onerous a task.

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  1. What a beautiful temple and such lovely photographs too- can you read what your blessing said? I would be so interested to know... have a great weekend. x


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