Sep 18, 2010

Hillary's Visiting Too. Short Lived Manicures.

Saturday morning television at our house is usually Channel V's Morning After mix (is it wrong to be watching if your night before involved going to bed at 7pm with a mystery novel) or a Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon (I still don't know how the sisters manage all that black eyeliner first thing in the morning) but for some reason it was Sky News instead this morning.

I think the reason was our most recent ex-PM and his brave new beginning.  Foreign Affairs Minister Rudd is now in Washington and he looked happy to be there and enjoying his new role.  Hillary Clinton and he were giving a joint press conference.  Together, they had the press eating out of their collective hand.  Hillary announced that she would be visiting Australia next month and Kevin promised a 'good time' on her arrival.  The assembled press loved it and together Kevin, Hillary and the press made the most of the innuendo of that phrase.  After all the months of uncertainty and plotting, it's good to see that at least one federal politician has seen fit to move on from hung parliament and 'whose going to be Speaker' issues and started doing his job.

Having both Hillary and Oprah visiting the country in coming months make a refreshing change to the usual socialites and celebrity 'special guests' who visit our shores.  It will be nice to see the headlines and photo spreads devoted to women who have achieved fame and recognition for their intellect and achievements in spheres beyond Hollywood and reality television.  I don't hate the cult of celebrity but I do like the idea of the mainstream media reporting on a broader range of famous women, some of whom are actually role models and inspirations.

I know what you're thinking.

Another juice detox (how long is she going to last).

Sadly not. these are supplies for my 'stomach flu'.  I was home sick on Friday with norovirus.  Outbreaks always seem to happen with the change of season from winter to spring.  An attempt to dampen our enthusiasm for the warmer sunny days and flowering blooms, I suspect.

I have no scientific evidence to back me up but I am convinced that brightly coloured juices and jellies with all their additives (some of which may be vitamins) are the secret to a speedy recovery.  t worked.  I'm not going to question the mechanism of action, I'm just going to rejoice in the fact that I'm got my energy and appetite back.

12 hours later, I woke up to a Saturday bathed in glorious sun.  It wasn't just any glorious sun, it was sun that warmed your skin when you went outside.  The trees in my neighbourhood are feeling it too.  There are flowers everywhere and even my frail lemon tree in the backyard is beginning to flower.

A taste of the tropics in suburbia, I'm not sure if these are paw paws or mangoes.  I've tried google images but am none the wise.

I went to DJs in the city and picked up my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Complex.  The stuff that you have to be on a waiting list for, that I was on last week for that matter.

Thanks to the generosity of my treasured sales assistant at the counter, I walked away with quite a few samples.  Apparently, no amount of miracle skin recovery complex can compensate for the absence of toner in a woman's skin care routine.  I have 3 to test out plus a body wash and cleanser samples for traveling.

Looks like I'm all set for Melbourne in October.  All my skincare needs are covered.  I also booked my hotel on - the Secret Hotel is the Stamford Plaza on Little Collins St, in case anyone was wondering.

I've come to the conclusion that manicures and I are destined to short but intense relationships.  I gazed at my fingernails lovingly in those magical first few hours after walking out from my first manicure.  Then I re-enter the real world which involves a surprising number of activities that are unfriendly to manicures.  Before the end of day 1, one chip appears and by 8am on day 3, it's quite obvious that there's more natural nail on show than polish.  Where does it all go whilst I'm asleep?  What do I sleep scratch?

Clear nails are the most sensible option for me.  I found the Revitanail treatment at Priceline today.  It has 2 InStyle stickers on it so it must be good or at the very least the treatment of choice of a movie star or two.  It is meant to be applied daily and in a matter of weeks my nails will be invincible. All the better for clattering on keyboards and pulling the ring tabs off Coke Zero cans with.  Very necessary performance indicators at work, I reckon.


  1. Hope the juice helps your flu...cocoon and rest up.
    I am wearing clear polish on my hands too....makes sense for gardening and shelving books in the Library!
    Take care.

  2. Do hope you feel better soon SSG.. Your hotel in Little COllins is a good choice... Its a min. away from Mr SE's office in Melbourne and there is a great place for eating v. close.... Comme. have a great weekend.... X

  3. Yes, the publicity that the Oprah visit has gotten is great for our image. Don't understand why people are moaning about tax payers dollars involved. Glad Kevin seems to be happy in his new role, funny both he and Hilary have not got the leadership role they both wanted, but will probably have more influence in the roles they have got now.

  4. Sorry to hear you're unwell, SSG!
    Although, glad to hear I am not the only one with a liking towards the Kardashians!
    Have you seen Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami? A friend gave me the first season - it's where Kourtney gets preggers - if you haven't seen it, I can highly recommend!

  5. hostess: thank you and a big tick for clear nail polish

    Semi Expat: thanks for the tips re the hotel

    Janey: I don't think we can escape the fact that tax payer dollars were involved with Oprah. I think it was pretty cost effective spending though and has great potential to reach a huge audience. Some of the recent ad campaigns for Tourism Australia haven't been great, Oprah will be an interesting new approach.

    The StylishShoeGirl: yes, I love Khloe and Kourtney, it's a guilty pleasure of mine....

    SSG xxx

  6. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Btw, they're paw paws :)



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