Sep 3, 2010

How the Other Half Live. Bidding Farewell To Shangri-La.

It's Friday evening, we've made it.  Congratulations all round for surviving the week.

It was only a 2 weeks ago that I was having breakfast in a hotel in Tokyo.  The Shangri-La to be precise, pondering the Tokyo skyline from the 28th floor.  It was the  most luxurious hotel I've ever had the privilege to stay in and gee it was hard packing my suitcase and saying goodbye.

 I now understand why those eccentric and fabulously wealthy widows choose to live in five star hotels.

There are fresh flowers and silver on the breakfast table.

Someone else has cooked bacon for you and you don't need to do the washing up afterwards.

Ditto the procuring of smoked salmon, cheeses and cold cuts.

There are linen napkins on the breakfast table and someone else has to ponder the practicalities of keeping the upholstery and carpet clean.

There is ample time to maintain presentable fingernails whilst sipping soothing beverages.

I was hoping to mix mean Bellinis however the fruit juice I bought was actually apple juice and not peach.  Sometimes pictures get lost in translation.

If you ever have the need to go out for dinner, there will be a letter confirming your reservation and a map of where you're going delivered to your door.

The small card states the address of the hotel and instructions in Japanese  & English should you get lost.
Laundry ceases to be a chore.   Because it's all done for you.

Freshly laundered t-shirts don't deserve to be wrapped in rice paper  with pot pourri.
Each morning, if you choose, you can do a few gentle laps in a tranquil swimming pool with floor to ceiling views of the city below.

Then sit by the pool and read the paper.

Before retreating to the spa, sauna, horizontal shower and change room area.  I never quite made it to an onsen in Tokyo because having a shower and getting dressed after going to the hotel gym pretty much replicated the experience.

I've got a busy weekend lined up.  Multiple revisions on my paper to be done, saying bon voyage to Mr SSG (he's off to NZ to ski) and a few outings to keep me sane.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Hi
    That is just the kind of hotell, i would like to stay at:)

    Looks like you had a great time..
    The food looks like heaven!

  2. Wow, what an incredible experience. The complimentary (complimentary?) laundry packaging worths 10/10 in my book.

    Ahh, I love japan - I'm in Kyoto now!

  3. I must adopt similar laundry practices at the farm house. Hopefully if I just piled the washing up outside the door in a bag marked "laundry" I would wake up to find it done, wrapped and potpourried. Currently ironing is literally threatening to fall on my head when I walk past the bench with the ironing basket on it. I may become engulfed.

    Venturing into my laundry currently reminds me of Captain Oates and Scott of the Antarctic.
    "I am going into the laundry. I may be some time."

    Anyway - glad you had such a wonderful holiday.
    Enjoy your weekend SSG

  4. foodwink: Kyoto is so beautiful, isn't it!

    A Farmer's Wife: how was your holiday? Agree regarding the laundry.

    SSG xxx


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