Sep 15, 2010

It's Not Long Until Friday. The Winner Is .... Sy-do-nee.

It's been one of those weeks already.  I'm already congratulating myself for having made it through Wednesday.  At the rate I'm going, there had better be chilled champagne waiting for me when I get home from work on Friday.  It's a done deal, I popped a bottle in the fridge on Monday night.

To get through the rest of the week, I've been in search of both calm and patience.  Neither are my strong suits.  I've been to yoga twice this week and class this week in a bid to prepare myself psychologically (to paraphrase Faux Fuchsia).  Part of our classes are pranayama (controlled breathing) exercises and shivasna (corpse pose, playing dead is very soothing - the vampires were onto something there).  I've been in such a fluster this week that I've actually found these restorative and 'quiet' classes just as physically challenging and confronting as a backbend class.  It was nearly impossible for me to just lie back and 'be'.  My mind kept ticking over which made my legs restless or perhaps it was my back that set my legs off.

When my mind refuses to be quiet, sadly, it doesn't apply itself to the big issues.  Like how weird it is hearing our immediate Past Prime Minister on the radio again.  He's now the Foreign Affairs Minister and is off to Pakistan tomorrow on a humanitarian visit before Washington and then New York in the US.  I felt for him and admired him for handling the press the way he did.  If I were in his position, there would have been veiled references and bitter sarcasm in my answers to the press and in my Tweets (especially the Tweets).  Godspeed, Kevin.

What I did think about was dinner.  Specifically what I could make for dinner that was quick so that I could wash my hair before going to bed.  Cereal and toast was the answer.  

It was a case of the print media and my dinner colliding.  It seems so right to be reading a food magazine whilst eating dinner on your own.  I'm convinced that moving on to the Australian Women's Weekly cake cookbooks with dessert reduces the amount of it you eat.

Cunning diet tips always make me think of Oprah.  In case non Australian readers were curious, Qantas is Australia's national airline.  Their ads based on Peter Allen's I Still Call Australia Home make me cry - every time.  Sometimes Qantas make me cry too - like when flights out of Perth get delayed 8 hours or when the bread rolls with breakfast are rock hard or even when all their vegetarian meals feature a tomato based sauce, chick peas and cous cous.  But I digress, the inflight movie choice is pretty impressive.  Does Kevin have to fly Qantas now that he's no longer PM?  I can't really seem him on Virgin and having to have the correct change to pay for Pringles potato chips and a Kit Kat.  Might have to give him the heads up on the vegeterian meals.

We're going to have the Sydney Oprah House in December this year.  Us locals will have to enter a lottery for tickets to see the taping.  I am not sure how many tickets will be available but yes, I have signed up to Oprah's email updates and yes, I will be online the moment registration opens.

In the meantime, I'm brushing up on Oprah's life by re-reading the unauthorized tome of Oprah's life by Kitty Kelley.  I'm going to take it with me everywhere as evidence of my dedication to the cause of being in Oprah's Syndey audience.  I think this is the first time she will have taped the show outside a city in the US.  Speaking of the US, we're at 93 cents, kids.  ABC News Radio was practically telling me to take advantage of this by hitting the e-stores this weekend.  Practically is open to interpretation but it was a nice touch to include the online shoppers of Australia in the finance report today.  

In more Sydney news, it's been 10 years to the day that the city hosted the Olympics.  I was back in Perth at the time but I hear that it was  magic in Sydney back in 2000.  The weather was perfect and people were out after work (or during) watching events.

There was a 10th anniversary function tonight.  As I drove home from yoga, I saw a few people in their volunteer's outfits getting ready to go to the celebration.

Which made me remember this photo I took earlier in the year.  It made me smile.  The uniform is so bright and cheerful and it was touching to me that the volunteers came from all walks of life.  I hope you all have a special evening tonight.  I'm crossing my fingers that the torch lighting goes off without a hitch this time.


  1. I was actually thinking of pitching myself to Oprah
    you know, up and coming red itchy girl, needing to spread the importance of diversity. it's a good pitch, don't you think? obviously needs more work given right now I am completely heartbroken (things with the boy went from bad to worse) and drunk on $10 Cab Sav.
    Will write more tomorrow.
    You are awesome xx

  2. I am going to buy that book today! Why are you stressed? Do you think the yoga is helping? I hope you will be ok SSG. I never think exercise helps- I think people help- can you clock some time with some supportibe girlfriends who are filled with empathy? xxxxxx

  3. Hello FF
    Thank you for your kind words. I am okay, have been debriefing with work mates.

    The book is a great read. Not scathing but well written and objective. I was pleasantly surprised. Still don't think Oprah would be keen on autographing it though.

    Should we launch a united appeal of Australian bloggers to ask Oprah to let us in when she is in Sydney? I could do some preliminary research and get back to interested parties.

    Tak care and hope all is well with your world.

    SSG xxx

  4. I'm very excited about Oprah coming here! I hope you are ok SSG? Stress should never be underestimated. Look after yourself darl :)

  5. Dear SSG
    mentioned you on my blog as you inspired me to buy the book. Hope you are ok and not too stressed xxx


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