Sep 20, 2010

The Morning Run.

Everyday Sometimes, I need motivation to keep on with my fitness regime.  Some may swear by that picture of Elle McPherson on their fridge door or Christy Turlington taped on the biscuit tin (there I am showing my age again by referencing supermodels of decades past).

Me?  It's the billboards on the bus stops 3/4 of the way along my daily dawn jog.  During those bleak winter months it was Bonds track pants ads but those fun ad people at JC Decaux have sensed my exercise and diet apathy and have staged an intervention.  Bikini ads in late winter / an indecisive early spring.  Not even late spring / early summer.  There was no transition through some less confronting sunscreen or shampoo ads.  They just cut to the chase and put this Seafolly ad up.

I'm not sure who the model is.  Is she a Tozzi sister?  All I know is that the only reason I'm not seething with inadequacy and itching to plant a left hook as I run past her each morning is that she has a gap between her two front teeth that hasn't been Photoshopped away.  It somehow makes her more human.  Then I start thinking about the bikini she's wearing.  It's got ruffles at the bust and the bottom looks like it would provide as much coverage as a bikini bottom can.  I think the fashion world would call this 'accessible'.  A nod to mere mortals by the house of Seafolly.  An appeal to Everywoman, perhaps?  Buoyed by these warm fuzzy thoughts, I jog just that little bit faster to the traffic lights.

Where I meet.....

George Clooney or rather the inside of George's passport.  There have been many times where I have almost bought a Nespresso machine on the strength of George and his amazing powers of persuasion.  In that delusional state that is running on an empty stomach, I convince myself that George's knowing grin over his cup of Nespresso is all the motivation I need to make it home to begin the 30 minute (25 if I already know what I'm going to wear to work and have the shoes out to match as well) circuit of breakfast - shower - dress - gather things - reverse car out of driveway - and finally on the road to work that starts each working day.  Because if I get to work early enough, I too will be in the possession of my own eye opening cup of hot coffee (albeit mine will be instant, granulated and called Moccona).

I'm home now from a pretty long day. It can be a drag getting out for my run in the morning but it gives me energy to get through the day.  Also, if I get my exercise done in the morning, it's done.  If the rest of the day gets out of hand, there's no fretting about losing that half hour or so.  It's just me and my thoughts, as I pound the footpaths around my house with that crisp morning air on my face.


  1. The model is Jessica Hart :)She is very motivational!

  2. Bravo SSG. Despite my best intentions, I rarely make it to my morning run.

    I blame it on the lack of George Clooney and Seafolly's bikini babe in my suburb :)

  3. Good on you for keeping up with your running. When you mentioned the model had a gap in her front teeth, I immediately thought of Jess Hart - think it could be her?


  4. The model is the very gorgeous Jess Hart

  5. You are so amazingly self disciplined to go running every day. I try to go to the gym every morning but quite often I convince myself that I have to do my chores or grocery shopping first. I can see that if I could look into Clooney's molten eyes I'd be more motivated!

  6. Good one SSG. Might start running again myself now that the sun is up a little earlier and the ice is no longer on the ground :)

  7. Don't buy a nespresso!! For the love of God!! If you appreciate good coffee, buy a real coffee machine. You won't regret it!!

  8. You HAVE to get a nespresso! They are brilliant I find much better than cafe coffees (which is so inconsistent) Recommend the new Kazzaa flavour - sooo good. :)

  9. J & blanche: thanks for identifying Jess Hart for me.

    Thanks for all the encouragment re the morning run.

    I can see that the world is divided regarding Nespressos...

    SSG xxx

  10. Hi, Nice to know about jogging ,perhaps most of the persons only tries.Model is Jessica Hart with Seafolly


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