Sep 6, 2010

Piacere, the Shangri-La Tokyo.

Italian food has returned to prominence in the Sydney food scene recently.  It has never really dropped off the radar but there has been lots of buzz about new restaurants opening here and also the recent series of Italian Food Safari.  The main theme seems to be 'getting back to basics', the new theme with restaurants being a rediscovery of regional cuisines and for Food Safari, a journey of basic cooking techniques and core Italian ingredients.

Before leaving for Japan, I never quite got around to getting my fix of Italian.  Ironically, it was to be in Japan which takes many European cuisines to a level very different to anything I have eaten elsewhere.  The cooking techniques and ingredients are true to the cuisine of origin but the tastes are a little 'lighter'.  I don't know if this relates to the fresh produce available in Japan or the preference of the local palate.  In either case, if you do get the chance, sample some of the Italian or French food in Tokyo the next time you visit.  The whole dining experience is also spectacular.

Today's photos are from dinner at Piacere, the Italian restaurant at the Shangri-La, Tokyo.  Link to the dinner menu here.


Crudites with a dipping sauce.

The flowers were beautiful and really lit up the dining space.



Amuse Bouche
Beef carpacio with mushroom salad

Taraba crab with mozarella and basil pesto
Porcini tagilatelle

Ricotta ravioli

Paolo's risotto

Roast beef, panissa and salad

Lamb, fava beans and pecorino

Pre dessert

Zuppa anglaise

A deconstructed Triamisu

Petit four


  1. Thank you christine!

    I am working on the white balance, hope to be better in this regard for my next restaurant adventure.

    SSG xxx

  2. The mushroom salad looks like truffle shavings! how did you find that dish SSG? :)

  3. how beautiful! almost too pretty to eat!

  4. Lorraine: only just realized now what we were eating :-P It was delicious. I need to brush up on my exotic foods. obviously.

    SSG xxx

  5. Hi
    That looks like one amazing place:)



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