Sep 5, 2010

The Power Of Fashion and Flowers. The 25th David Jones Flower Show.

For the last couple of weeks, I've started to see flowers blossom and it's been such a welcome sight that I've kicked myself that I never had a camera handy to capture the start of spring.

Today, I decided to make up for it and go to the David Jones Flower Show.  I hadn't realized this before, but David Jones in Sydney have a flower show annually.  It was the 25th show this year and it was sponsored by the new Vera Wang fragrance.  In my excitement, I forgot to test the fragrance.

I did take one of those high tech mirror assisted photos of what I wore though.  Grey cardigan for the winter just passed (cotton on) and some yellow, green and pink for spring (vintage Hermes off ebay), pearl studs and skinnies (J Brand).

The show was glorious.  Complete strangers spoke to each other over the displays and discussed the flowers used.  Young and old, male and female.  Even in 2010 in a city as large as Sydney, flowers bring humans together.

The ground level window displays were only part of the show. You should see what greeted me when I went inside.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

Each window drew on a theme from a previous show.  Thankfully, the names of key flora were detailed too.  The display were accompanied by key looks from the current season.  It was my kind of fashion parade, to be honest.  There was enough time to digest the clothes.

My photos aren't great, all sorts of random reflections.  I've tried to edit as best I can but I'm week 2 with Aperture and starting with no knowledge base....  These photos were the best I had.

Alannah Hill.

The flower displays were massive.  Most hit the ceiling of the beauty hall, which is pretty high ceilinged in any case.  You really had to be there.  The photos don't do the displays justice.  It was how I imagined department stores of decades past to look like.

I liked the effect of the flowers against the marble of the store as well as the ornate light fixtures.

I know it says Vera Wang but behind the sign is the Jo Malone concession.

One of my favourite displays was the use of clay flower pots against the pink and magenta of the flowers.  Gardening minded readers, help me out with the flowers!

There were flowers on every spare surface.

Even the grand piano was engulfed by flowers.  I suspect the pianist may have felt a little claustrophobic or else called in sick with hay fever.

There were arrangements inside each cosmetic house's area of the floor.

Lancome, Julia Roberts' campaign photo is to the left.  It's one of my favourite photos of her.

Estee Lauder.

It was best to walk carefully.  Everyone was stopping for photos under their favourite arrangement.

Cherry blossoms!  These I can identify.

La Mer - fish tank meets flowers.

Down the road, The Men From Marr's had come to the rescue.

Something exciting (more shops) is happening on Market Street.

Under the watchful eye of the police and security staff, a crowd had gathered to watch as a large metal pylon was being raised.... somewhere up there.

On my way home, I went to Books Kinokuniya to find enlightenment in the world of Photoshop.  Whilst looking for a book that would make sense of it all, I found the Excel guides, which ran to several shelves.  I'm relieved I'm not the only one struggling with spreadsheets.  I did find my Photoshop book, one of the Dummie's Guides.  It could change my life.

I'm off to negotiate time differences and call my dad back in Perth.  Hope you've all had a chance to tell your dad you love him to bits or have a quiet moment to relive special moments you had together.


  1. Hi girl:)
    Loved the La Mer shoot, the flowers were gorgeous:)

    I would really love to have Photoshop, tell me if the program/book is good?????will you girl???

    Have a great day in S:)


  2. Aren't flowers just glorious!? I think we've just been dying for some Spring warmth! :D

  3. Big thumbs up on the outfit. Scarf looks great with everything else.

  4. I love the outfit too. The photos of the flowers were gorgeous and made my day. The power of natural beauty should never be underestimated!

    I loved our trip to Copenhagen - we have lots of friends and some family there so had a great time. You should go some time...

    Take good care.

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