Sep 30, 2010

The Processed Foods Of Childood. It's Business (Class) Time.

I was at yoga last night and the funniest thing happened whilst I was attempting Prasarita Padottanasana (wide-legged forward bend).  My head hit the floorboards (intentionally).

This is an artist's representation and demonstration of what it should have looked like.

Image from
In reality, I was also bobbing my head up and down to check that it really was the floor that I was feeling.  Thankfully, no one else heard or saw me do this.  One of the benefits of having thick hair that refuses to stay in a sleek yoga-worthy ponytail.  To be completely scientific about whether this means I can really do the full pose, I will need to see how far I get at class next week.  Until then, I am savouring the heady (what a pun) moment.

Life has actually been pretty zen since that head on floor moment, it's been just over 24 hours but again, I am focussing purely on the here and now (I'm beginning to sound like a self help manual, apologies).  I got out of work on time after a steady day and made an early assault on the weekly shop.

It's been 20 years since I last ate a Wedgwood Party Pie - they were rectangular when I was a child and the firm camel yellow pastry was full of fake meaty goodness.  These days, it's all about flaky golden pastry and, I suspect, chunks of real meat.
I was strolling along, wired to iTunes when I just found the party pies in the frozen food aisle. I grinned at them through the freezer cabinet door.  They gave me misty water-coloured memories of the way we were (thank you Barbra).

Wedgwood Party Pies were a favourite school lunch of mine.  On Fridays, whilst getting us ready for school and my baby brother fed, my mother would heat up pies for my other brother and I to take to school for lunch.  I still like a hot lunch on Fridays to this day.

Then I found the Sara Lee cakes further along in the freezer area.  These were the favoured after school snack of my classmates and I.  They weren't play dates back then, it was 'going to so and so's house to play after school'.  There was much use of Barbie dolls, running around and imagination as well.  Chocolate was the most popular variety then Sara Lee's Pound Cake (with all that running around and use of brain power, kids were allowed to have full fat foods and childhood obesity rates wasn't prominent on the Government's health agenda).  I don't think pound cake is made anymore, which is a shame, there was something very soothing about the vanilla essence taste and dense moist crumbiness of the cake.

Once again, another childhood fave has gone a bit fancy - there are chocolate flakes on top of the frosting and it's not the thick pasty icing of my memories.

My reward for walking away?

A free chocolate bar.  The aptly named Bar of Plenty.  If I recall correctly, Carly Findlay made toll house cookies out of hers.  A really lovely girl dressed in a purple apron offered me one on a silver tray at Coles.  There was a choice of roast hazelnut and honey roast cashews or the berry version.  This whole paragraph sounds so trippy.  It must have been on account of my watching Glee tribute to Britney Spears episode last night.

It was a rather surreal night of Australian television.  Much has already been said about Sarah Murdoch and the 'hung winner' situation on ANTM.  Perhaps I jinxed things by asking about the finale episode in my blog entry the other night.....

I really feel for everyone involved but the way Sarah handled the mistake made her more human to me (no time to go into it here but I'm a huge fan and find Sarah inspiring).  We've all made hugely embarrassing gaffes in our lives but we have to dust ourselves off and make things right the best way we can.  Sooner or later, we all revisit the memories of what we did with laughter rather than cringing red in the face embarrassment.

Blogger is going all nutso on me. I had a photo of my free chocolate bar it won't upload.  You'll just have to imagine it.  It was casually lying on top of the new Louis Vuitton ad with a conscience.  Bono and his wife Ali feature in it.  Ali is a founder of Nude skincare (of the samples from Mecca Cosmetica that I have yet to try) and has designed a new bag for LV.  Part of the purchase price of which will go to a charity.

Take 2.  Here's the photo for the previous few paragraphs.

I'm a bit all over the shop tonight so perhaps it's not a suprise that Blogger is acting up.  Mr SSG surprised me with a spur of the moment trip this weekend.  We're off the the real (you know how I don't get NRL) AFL Grand Final (Replay) this weekend!!  We fly out Saturday morning and fly home to Sydney Sunday lunchtime.  I'm working late tomorrow night so I had to pack tonight.

The challenge was on.  How little could I get away with for 24 hours away?

I think hotel gyms are the perfect place for a little political satire, don't you?

Below, we have a textbook example of 'packing for one night away', courtesy of Mr SSG.

That's really all there is.  There will be none of that 'putting in the stuff you use in the morning' before zipping up the case for the taxi ride for Mr SSG.

If I get enough chances to practice, I just might get it one day.

Have a lovely evening and if I don't write again before flying out - have a great long weekend, or a weekend of good sport at the very least.


  1. Have a nice time away! I'll be up in Sydney for the weekend, I'm really looking forward to some warmer weather.


  2. (Canberra) City Girl: have a lovely time over here. It is a bit cool at the moment but I am seriously hopeful that the weather will get with the program. It's a long weekend!!

    SSG xxx

  3. Very precise pack!! Depending on how early you get in, try and stop for at least a coffee if not lunch at St Ali cafe. The weather is meant to be good tomorrow! woohoo


  4. Ahh yes party pies! I loved them as well as Sara Lee Sultana Pound Cake. All of these delicious foods of youth-you're making my yearn for a party pie (and when did they change shape?).

  5. I love Melbourne. Try and get to have dumplings at Hu Tong in Market Lane - they are fabulous! And I love that Louboutins make your "must take list". Are you eating dinner anywhere special?


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