Sep 19, 2010

The Return of Mr SSG. Gingernuts From Across the Ditch. Childhood Chicken Curry.

Mr SSG is home from across the ditch (apparently people in the Eastern States are allowed to say this about New Zealand).  No, that's not him going Kiwi on me but that is our remote and I've graciously let him have control of it for the weekend.

He's been in Queenstown for some end of season skiing.  I think the compulsion to record holiday images might have rubbed off on him because we spent yesterday evening looking at his video clips of his trip.  Queenstown looks like such beautiful town.  Year round there is so much to see and do, it's full of  friendly people and there were lots of great restaurants and cafes.  We're hoping to go together sometime next year.

There were some pretty cool gifts from the trip.

My very own Flight of the Conchords t-shirt, direct from their home country.

I'm not sure if my Flight of the Conchords T is yoga appropriate attire.   Should be okay, the teachers at my school are  pretty relaxed and appreciate humour.   They were fine with that time I more my FCUK top to class....

No trip to a Commonwealth nation would be complete without the purchase of the local Gingernut biscuits.  In this case we have Griffins', I think they are they New Zealand version of Arnotts.  I will report back once I've done my taste test. I still have my current packet of Arnotts WA Gingernuts and Arnotts Rice Cookies to finish in the mean time.  Why just open one packet of biscuits for afternoon tea when when it is possible to alternate between two - one gluten rich and the other gluten free?  I'm sure this aids digestion in some way.

Presents unpacked and appreciated, it was time for Mr SSG to head back to bed to get over his jetlag and for me to potter around and lounge my way through Sunday.  It's been a bit grey and cool here so I decided to make a chicken curry for dinner. Also, it's been awhile since my cooking exploits have graced this blog.

I've also got this new 50mm Nikon lens from Ebay land.  It has a maximum f stop of 1.4.  It softens the backgrounds so beautifully and has a good range of view.  It's magic.  The 50mm lens is considered the classic lens of photojournalism and it has taken me this long to buy one and appreciate what it can do.  I'm still getting used to it but exploring different apertures with it is going to fun.  Yes, I've been shooting in Preset mode by default but now I'm brave enough to go with Aperture Priority.

Key pantry items for the curry.

True to form, I'm relying on a curry paste as the backbone of the dish.  Ding is an Australian brand.  As a child of migrants, my parents have their own personal favourite curry paste that comes from 'home' in Malaysia and Singapore, reflecting the chicken curries that they grew up with.  My go to brand is a migrant of sorts as well.

I'm never one to follow packaging instructions to the letter.  Especially on Sundays when I have heaps of time on my hands.  My plan was to add a 'home cooked' taste to the curry by using some extra onion and garlic.

I also coated the skinless chicken pieces in some plain flour and chilli powder because I was going to finish off the cooking in my slowcooker.  This may be one of the last times I get to use my slowcooker before summer arrives.

Today was also an opportunity to dust off my fancy stick blender and its food processor bowl attachment.  Accident prone as I am, the stick blender is a safer option than my food processor.  I still wore my ugg boots though, just in case I dropped another blade on my foot.

I was inspired by Food Safari: Singapore in which Maeve visited someone making chilli crab.  I remember the use of pureed onions as a base to the dish and thought it would be something that would work in my curry.  Fingers crossed.

This was followed by a bit of browning.

The potatoes first.

Then the puree mixed with the pastes before adding the chicken, tomatoes and water.

I fished the chicken out of the wok (three cheers for non stick Anolon woks) and put in the slow cooker with the previously fried potatoes.  Then I added the coconut milk to the pan with the remaining tomatoes and sauce.  Once it was heated through, I seasoned with soy and then placed it in the slow cooker.

I've just returned home from my swim and the curry is a success.  It has darkened nicely and tastes almost as good as the chicken curries of my childhood.  


  1. Ooooh SSG your chicken curry looks amazing - I can almost taste it from here and I loved the step by step instructions. Have you tried Ginger Nut biccies from England? Maybe I will bring a couple of packs back - feel sure you would like them! x

  2. Hmm I don't think I've tried NZ Gingernut biscuits! I really want to hear what you think of them now! I tried Fritz which is SA devon-that tasted like...devon :P xxx

  3. Dear SSG, that curry looks so yummy, cooking and then swimming, you are a goddess!

  4. This curry looks amazing I definitely want to make it!


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