Sep 2, 2010

Tokyo Shop Girl. The Post We Had To Have.

It's been a day of startling developments.  The Labor - Green Alliance is up to 74 seats in the Senate, to the LNP's 73.  We could have a real PM heading a minority government by next week.  President Obama has delivered his speech about Iraq amongst other things as the New Dawn breaks in Iraq.  Politics all around the world is at present about perceptions and viewpoints about how well the greater good is being served by the influence of one political power over another.  

Unless you happen to be in New South Wales.  In which case it's all about access to online pornography and gambling at work.  When in doubt, blame the adult content filter.  The same one that blocks pornography, gambling, facebook AND ebay on every other computer in service to the State Government.

Let's not forget that we now all know that Ben Collins is The Stig from Top Gear.

And then there's the landmark changes to the strawberrynet multiple item purchase discount.  It's going to take a whole lot more than 3 items in a single transaction for mere mortals to get that 5% discount.  Try 6 instead.  The loyalty discount also seems to have been scrapped too.  On the up side, those of us who 'frequently' purchase 3 items at a time can continue to enjoy a 5% discount.  It's all very complicated but I think the end result is that we the customers have been dudded of several valuable percentage points of discounting.

Having brought us all up to speed on the world at large, why don't we get down to what I'm really here to talk about?  Shopping.  Japan.  Shopping and Japan.

Sundays in Tokyo are much like Sundays in other big cities.  There is a distinct change of pace in the CBD.

Part of Mastuya-dori and other streets of the Ginza are shut to traffic and the bitumen surrenders to the footsteps of thousands of strolling shoppers.  A local group supplies umbrellas and chairs for the public to use mid shopping trip to rest their tired feet (and credit cards).

I spoke before of the Men Of Ralph Lauren.  Well, here are the Boys Of Abercrombie & Fitch.  This is the flagship Ginza store.  The boys are dressed in red checked shirts and skinny blue jeans.  The same bone buzzing bass beat driven music, back lit white tiled stair case, plush leather chairs on the ground floor and multiple levels of clothes that look the same but in different colours can be found here as on 5th Avenue, New York City.

Because I'm a married, thirtysomething woman past her prime, the following photo is all I can offer regarding the unique point of difference the Tokyo store had to the New York City one.

The shadow to the left belongs to a buff young salesboy (for want of a better word) who appeared to rock up to work without his red checked shirt.  In the true spirit of Japan, customers are invited to pose with him for photographs.  All I could do was blush in the night club darkness and hurry up the stairs, trying not to trip upwards.

There's a lovely market in Ueno (not far from the metro stop) called Ameyoko Arcade.  It was a post WWII black market and I love the homage to the US in some of the store awnings.

Doesn't this sign make you think of 1950s America -  milk bars,  Elvis, juke boxes, perfectly curled hair and full skirts?

The fresh fruit stall was an oasis in the heat.  In Japanese form, buyers ate their fruit tidily at the store and deposited their rubbish in the bin provided.

There are stalls selling your standard market items but these jeans were pretty special.

And now for the shopping.

A baby gift from Gap.

I just had to buy a Tokyo baby hoodie.

What good is a hoodie without grey track pants?

Practical item as part of gift chosen to meet Mr SSG's shopping criteria of good value and utility.  It was on sale.

My Gap haul.  Finally, an affordable leopard print belt.  There was a crazy 50% off sale going on.

Matsuya Ginza.  I did mention the gallery level of this store in an earlier post.

Besides a killer sale area on the gallery level, Matsuya Ginza has the best array of Balenciaga bags I've ever seen in a department store.  

It was Mr SSG who spotted the gallery level.  After looking at the exhibition, his probing eyes turned to the right.  Where he found the Ralph Lauren sale.  50% off, an additional 20% for the purchase of 3 or more items (taking up where strawberrynet left off) plus the tax back - I think that was 5%.  We went nuts.  That's not a Royal we, Mr SSG bought too.

Preppy defies trends.  I chose to embrace it.

Navy pinstripe is forever.

Dress shorts.  I am convinced I can make them work this season.

So I don't follow the tennis but that doesn't mean I can't make like the ball boys at the US open with their Big Pony polos or pretend to be Serbian with legs of steel and perfect bone structure in a polo shirt tennis dress.

As the proud owner of this jacket, I am entitled to also invest in white jeans or  beige casual shorts.

And that, was that.  There was a moment at Zara where I fell in love with a leopard print blouse, black pussy bow blouse, a caftan, an airy shirt to wear with denim cut offs and a floral dress....  but sadly had to leave them all behind due to luggage issues.  I am kicking myself but my credit card statement isn't.

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  1. Wow, your posts always carry so much information and pictures! It does take so time to digest all of it ; ) This time the shoppings interested me. Does Tokyo ( the stores ) lack something we over here have? Naturally this is a stupid question, as you are in Australia, and I am in northern Europe. The Japanese I see here, naturally visit the Nokia Flagship store, iittala ( glass and ceramics ), smaller art&craft stores and strangely jewelry shops; the ones selling expensive brands, which are available all over the world.


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